Mr. Rubio goes to Washington

Sen. Marco Rubio has many fine qualities. He is a genuinely nice guy. His conservative attitude is genuine, and his gift of expression is exceptional. The enthusiasm he brings to the conservatives and the Republican Party has been wonderful. He holds the right core beliefs, and he has the potential to be the voice for a new generation of conservatives.

In 2010, I campaigned for him, phone banked for him, canvassed neighborhoods for him, and attended his rallies. He has been a great spokesman for the party, the Republican answer to Barack Obama.

But now he is my Senator doing the business of legislating, and his inexperience is showing. His efforts run counter to every conservative I know, and it is becoming painfully obvious that he is not ready for the presidency. Democrats may put an empty-suit into the White House, but Republicans will not.

Gee, who knew that a young freshman senator could be manipulated by the likes of Chuck Schumer and John McCain? Who knew that a tea party favorite could be cajoled into joining the compromising Gang of Eight? Who knew the Gang would make him their leading face on a piece of legislation that sounds reasonable and far-reaching? Who knew that that legislation would fail to do the one thing that it must do above all else, namely, secure the border?

And who would ever think that such legislation could end up soaking our treasury and changing our culture by the new wave of undocumented Democrats? And who would ever think that it would be create a new class of American, a documented non-citizen, whose status would no doubt be challenged in court? And who would ever think that once the law is overturned in court by a liberal judge, 11 million people and all their relatives back home will gain their legal status here anyway?

Mr. Rubio, this is how Washington works. You need to wake up.

It appears that Mr. Rubio has been hoodwinked by cynical Washington insiders, and has now become their puppet. If he were smart, he would quit the Gang of Eight and openly oppose the very legislation he has been sponsoring.



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