Herman Cain is just REAL - AND a leader!

I was privileged two weeks ago (4/28) to be included in a conference call with Mr. Cain along with several other bloggers. The last time I had spoken to Herman in person was at the Hillsborough County (Florida) Republican Party Summer Dinner Series in August of 2010, where he completely wowed an audience of die hard GOP workers.

I came away from this conversation with exactly the same impression that I had almost a year ago. This southern gentleman who would like to win your confidence as a candidate for the presidency of the United States is exactly who he appears to be. More on the content of the call in the future posts, but here is the essence of the CHARACTER of the man who has my full support in his candidacy – this essence was simply confirmed in our phone interaction last night.

  • He is a patriot who loves this country beyond measure.
  • He is a loving father and grandfather who feels COMPELLED to run – for his grandchildren.
  • He is not compelled by political gain or fame.
  • He knows he MUST do something and believes God has granted him the gifts necessary to perform in the highest office in the land.
  • He is forthright, honest and bold – a breath of fresh air in this hate-tinged, glad-handing political climate.
  • He is a problem-solver who believes that most of our economic challenges can be solved using the business model that he has been so successful with in his own career.
  • He is full of humor – a must for survival on the campaign trail and in the presidency.
  • He is a gentleman who is full of WISDOM from a life well-lived – there hasn’t been much WISDOM in DC lately.
  • He is an incredibly hard WORKER and fighter – and has never met a challenge that he has not conquered, from failing businesses that he was charged with fixing to stage 4 cancer. (the rigor of his almost-campaign schedule would put many younger people to shame)
  • He absolutely believes what he says – those that hear him know that no tele-prompter or polls are necessary to tell him what he thinks and believes.

I could go on and on – but in this post I wanted to concentrate on his Character and Work Ethic – missing commodities in many DC offices right now, including the highest one.


You may enjoy learning more about him in my dedicated blog http://www.cainscorner.com

On Facebook and Twitter he is “THEHermanCain”

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