You be the judge

So just north of Pensacola FL. the principal of Pace HS (public), Frank Lay (pictured) asked the athletic director, Robert Freeman to say a brief blessing an appreciation luncheon for those who helped move toward a new field house.

This sort of prayer/blessing is offered every day in our congress. Now, because the principal shortsightedly did something that would have been routine 5-10 yrs ago, in the face of an earlier injunction as a result of an ACLU case, he and the Athletic Director are facing fines of up to $5,000 and possibly 6 months in Federal jail. They have also been told by the state (Bd of Ed?) that they could lose their RETIREMENTS if the case holds up – for saying a prayer at a faculty/booster luncheon.

I understand that the principal and athletic director are being said to be guilty of what might at best be misdemeanor offenses by PRAYING ILLEGALLY (I cannot believe my country has come to this when we used to read Old Testament scripture in my elementary classes) – however the possible punishment and financial ramifications of this very innocent act seem extraordinarily out of line. This is a small rural HS with a very large part of the student body who have strong faith backgrounds. The prayers were said after school hours with NO STUDENTS present. The school caved to the ACLU previously by prohibiting a Christian student body president from speaking at graduation for fear she might say something offensively Christian. Once again the good of the many is being undermined for the peevishness of a very few.

At the same time, in the same America, we can have students on a college campus imitate Gitmo prisoners kneeling on an American Flag and then defacing it by drawing a swastika on it (this during a 9/11 memorial bipatisan rally) and there is no punishment.

Gitmo protest VIDEO

Article in Washington Times regarding the Prayer case with over 500 comments:


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Local Legal Defense fund established http://www.srpressgazette.com/articles/lay-7887-frank-defense.html

When people say “I want my country back” it is because we are beginning to not recognize it anymore. Especially those of us over 50. And I have to admit there are moments when I have to remember all the current citizen and soldier warriors and the ones who have gone before to truly say I am proud of my country. I cannot believe I just wrote that.

I am proud of those who are standing up and reminding everyone who sees them who America is, no matter the smears placed on them by the powers that be. It is NOT a country that should allow the travesty that is happening to these two LIFELONG educators. If our citizens allow this we have only ourselves to blame.

-Gordon —

PS – just a note of thanks to the fine officers who peacefully dispersed a growing drug-related teen fight right outside my apartment that erupted while I was writing this. Some new “non-resident elements” are causing havoc in what has previously been a very safe place to live. Will appreciate your prayers that the leasing company gains some control of the situation.