An Army of Discontent and it's over 65!

Note to the Obama/DNC- You will be incredibly sorry you dismissed and insulted America’s largest volunteer force and called out the SEIU/ACORN thugs on them. Nah, I’m not talking about me and my co-conspirators in the WORKING mob. We are an auxiliary of the real MOB. The ones who grew up during WWI, survived the truly GREAT and life-altering Depression, fought in or served at home during WWII and Korea, sent their children to VietNam and their grandchildren and great grandchildren to the wars in the Mid-east.

Do you really think that the generation who lived through watching Hitler destroy a continent through his propoganda (along with special domestic forces, brainwashing of the youth, and oh yeah, genocide of millions) are not going to be a LITTLE suspect of you trying to take over an industry that they depend on and completely alter its make-up? Do you really not understand that this is the generation that reads and if possible highlights every word of every thing they sign and usually ask for 24-48 hours before doing so?

They GET that you are moving way too fast and they have some serious questions. They arrived there all on their own. The greatest generation are NOT ignorant sheep that must be led by mass media. They actually grew up reading books! Do you really think they are too stupid to see that medicare will eventually disappear and they will be forced under this system? Or that all of your advisors see little “productive unit” value in anyone over 60 with health challenges?

If there’s a national or local emergency or disaster, who shows up? Senior citizens. Low-paid poll workers? Senior citizens. Library, hospital and school volunteers? Senior citizens. Hardest workers in any church, synagogue, lodge or civic organization? Senior citizens. Why? They grew up with a spirit of volunteerism that was inbred. It reached searing strength fighting great evil in the last century. They WILL get organized in a heartbeat and – note to AARP – THEY DON’T NEED the DNC or you.

Do you really think the generation that saved America from the Nazi’s and the Japanese emeror is going to be afraid of a few thugs from Chicago and some beat up “finally got a chance at power” aging commies/socialists/progressives? THINK AGAIN! If they have not been educating their children and grand-children they will now. You will soon see Senior Rallies. I dare you to see the reaction of ALL Americans if you bring out your thugs against them. Hey Mom – I’m speaking up for you here – love ya. If you haven’t met my Mom – be very afraid.