Focus, focus, focus

For my followers, a quick apology for my absence. I am, seemingly to no avail, trying to work on some balance in my life. The many political challenges of July seem to have sucked my every waking moment into their undertow. I will continue to fight for my country. However, in the awakening of my activist spirit, some things have fallen by the wayside. Like ANY sense of focus on other areas of my life that need my attention. I could get by with that during the summer, but with the school year and 5 a.m. alarms around the corner, I have to find a way to keep writing, keep fighting and still rebuild some disciplines into my daily routine.

FOCUS – Some of those disciplines are on the spiritual side. My beliefs have not changed, but my usual disciplines of prayer, meditation on the Word and just being with the One who loves me beyond measure have become less and less usual with each year that I have been teaching. I am not sure why. Except that they were always a morning routine for me, and the school day just starts too darn early. If I try at night, I am just too darn tired. I will appreciate your prayers as I try to remedy this and just ask God to draw me into his presence.

FOCUS – I am more and more aware that one of the best ways I can fight for my country is to pray for her. God is in control and he is not surprised by anything that is happening. He allowed the Pharoah to have power. He allowed Hitler. He allowed Stalin. In my humble opinion, He know how incredibly lazy and blind humans are when we are too comfortable, and how very callously we treat our freedoms. Sometimes the only way we really understand the perils of those who have no liberty is when we begin to face that evil ourselves.

FOCUS – I cannot condemn what Barack Obama believes, any more than I condemn anyone else who I disagree with. All are usually products of their upbringing (or rebellion against it) and/or their education. However, I can condemn the agenda that is a product of those beliefs. I can’t condemn those who refused to see past the facade and bought into his pipe dream, but I can vigilantly pray that they will awaken soon if they have not already. I cannot condemn those who chose not to vote because they could not see a difference in candidates. But I can pray that they would see what their failure to act delivered us. As much as I did not like John McCain, I felt that Sarah would at least hold him back, and I trusted him more on life issues.

FOCUS – I cannot in good conscience “vote ’em all out” of the House and Senate. There ARE some quality people still trying to fight the good fight, like Ensi, DeMint, Cantor, Boehner and Bachmann. But 2010 is JUST around the corner and where I can pray for the opponent of an undesirable incumbent, I will. I will donate where I can. I will work locally as I am able. I will educate my neighbors in every way possible. For those incumbents who ARE cut from the right cloth, I will do the same. I will not limit myself to concerns for only my state. If we do that we lose.

I must focus on my spiritual life, getting my financial house in order, and being the absolute best teacher I can be while praying for my students (many of whom live perilous lives). I must do all in my power to help regain the House and/or the Senate in 2010, while doing everything I can do stall health care, immigration and energy legislation until that power shifts so that life and the way we live it will be protected.

It is going to be a very busy and exhausting year. God expects no less. He will love me even in if I fail. He wants me to come to him for the supernatural strength these tasks will require. His true calls are always BEYOND anything we are able to do on our own. I believe that this country was a divine experiment. I believe it will last as long as freedoms are precious enough for God’s army to fight for them. Because even those that don’t claim His name, somehow have that innate sense of where their freedoms come from. Those that don’t have that sense – we can only pray for them and hope something will open their eyes that all manna is NOT from heaven.