This is a man to support! marco2010

Friday was a night I will remember for many years to come. I had that rarest of experiences. I met a statesman. I got to shake his hand, look in his eyes and see his heart. I got to see the love that he has for his country and it’s people.

No, it wasn’t George W. Bush, though I think he had much of that same love. It wasn’t Barack Obama, who is not in love with his country – he is in love with an idea – and a radical one. It wasn’t Florida Governor Charlie Crist, who is in love with acclaim and political success.

The man I met tonight is little known in the greater United States. In fact he is just now becoming more widely known in Florida. He is not terribly tall. He doesn’t have a booming voice. He IS pretty handsome. But that is not what caught my attention when I first saw that he had thrown his hat into the ring for higher office. What I first saw was a speech that he gave not to an adoring public, but to his coworkers.

It was a speech where he was not afraid to talk about his love of country, the miraculous gift of freedom given to his parents, and their expectations for the future for their children. He talked about why he enjoyed seeing his coworkers get up and argue points of governance – because of this great land where they were free to do so. He spoke of working for the people – and he had a record of doing so.

How many politicians can show a record of service where more than 50 ideas that he collected from the people for how to make their state better – became law? How many can work with the opposing party so well that when they say goodbye due to term limits, they are given an extended standing ovation by both sides of the aisle? Not may politicians can. That’s what statesmen do.

Former Speaker of the Florida House, Marco Rubio is a statesman. He is a statesman who holds the American Dream in highest regard and sees the encroaching Federal government as a threat to the ability his children will have to realize that dream. He truly believes that this country was founded on the notion that people could run it and did not need kings, emperors, dictators, petty chieftains or potentates to do it for them. He believes to the depths of his soul that those who are elected by their peers to serve them in a representative fashion, are to do just that. Serve them for a time to the best of their ability and then go home and live under the laws they helped pass.

Marco knows that government regulations will do nothing but stifle every ounce of entrepreneurship and creativity that would otherwise take us forward. He believes that competition fosters growth and that giving government too large a hand in controlling our economy will do nothing but stifle that competition and make our people less vibrant and and more dependent. He knows THAT is not America. He is not a fake flag-waving pseudo-patriot. He is one down to his very toes.

He is concerned about the effects of current financial policies, and the massive debt that will be left to his children and someday grandchildren, a debt made by printing money and putting our country on loan to China. He is concerned with the scarcity of Senators and Representatives in the U.S. Congress who have any idea of actually representing the people, as opposed to lining their campaign coffers and guaranteeing their political futures by speaking and voting in response to daily tracking polls.

I hope you will consider donating to Marco Rubio at http://marcorubio.com. Send a $1 or $5 or $10 or more. Give early and often. I am not being paid to say this. This comes from the heart of one who has watched their party lose its way almost completely in the last 3-4 years. Marco will restore your faith in the idea that statesman do exist and we just need to discover and support them. We have several freshman Senators and Conressmen right now that I would love for Marco to join. Together they can build a solid conservative core in the Congress under the leadership of Senator Jim DeMint and Representative Eric Cantor.

I have begun an amazing adventure of activism and Marco Rubio will be getting 150% of my effort. He has a difficult road to the Senate. His support must be almost entirely grassroots and it CANNOT be limited to the people of Florida. Our country is in peril and Marco is one of those that we MUST move to a place where they can represent the wishes of WE the PEOPLE. His primary opponent in the race for U.S. Senator from Florida is the sitting Governor of our state.

Governor Crist is also a Republican but of the variety that we not-so-lovingly label R.I.N.O (Republican in Name Only). However, Governor Crist is a candidate that the career politicians in D.C. and in the Republican Party of Florida understand and approve of. It takes people of character who are willing to take a chance – to recognize a statesman. Please be one of those people. Donate to Marco today!! He needs each and every one of us.

Oh, I forgot to mention – since we had basically played the video of his stump speech prior to dinner, and the gentleman who introduced him gave his basic biography – Marco had to speak off the cuff. He held the audience in the palm of his hand by speaking truths from the heart. He needed no tele-prompter to convey what he believes and no polling numbers to help him decide what that was.

In case you have not seen it, here is the speech that Marco gave on the day he said farewell to the Florida House.

On a personal note, in addition to meeting Marco, it was more than a little thrilling to have some of my blog (Activism on the Home Front) read by the Chairman of the Hillsborough County Republican Party, Deborah Cox-Roush and to be introduced by her. I sat with some great people who I met while attending my first Republican Executive Committee meeting on Tuesday. Sitting next to me was someone who actually volunteers at my school and another who used to work there. And next to me was Larry Thornberry who contributes to American Spectator. We had great laughs and left inspired.