Democrats - a black revolution is coming - watch out!

I am always looking for things I can share with my neighbors and coworkers, many of whom are people of color, regarding the rightness of conservatism. Here are two excellent recent articles which I will give the links for and quote. Yes, my idealistic self hates that we still even have to even think along color lines, but its a political reality I deal with every day.

BET Co-founder backs GOP Bob McDonnell for VA Governor”, Andy Barr in Politico:

The co-founder of BlackEntertainmentTelevision, Sheila Crump Johnson, endorsed Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Bob McDonnell on Monday.

“We need bold and innovative leadership to move our state forward, and that’s why I’ve chosen to support Bob McDonnell for governor,” said Johnson, aDemocrat, during remarks in Richmond, Va. “He has shown me that he has the right vision and the executive leadership skills that will guide Virginia through these challenging times.”

McDonnell, a former state attorney general, told POLITICO that he was “thrilled” to have the support of someone with Johnson’s record as a “supporter of free enterprise.”

“That’s exactly the message I’ve been trying to foster,” he said.

Read more:http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0709/25180.html#ixzz0LzpPa9Tv


Barbara Howard, FL Chairman of Congress of Racial Quality (C.O.R.E.) was interviewed on NewsMax.com regarding how the Democratic Party uses blacks rather than actually being their party. Click here to view video –>Democrats Abusing Blacks

Ms. Howard also speaks of the same in this column, also on Newsmax “Blacks Rethink Democratic Party

For over a decade now, many minds — both great and small — have pondered over what would make a reasonable black person join the Republican Party.

Especially since it is the Democratic Party that has spawned almost 9,600 black elected officials since 1970, according to a study published by David A. Bositis of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.

The Democratic Party has revised history to show that Democrats, and not Republicans, have been in the forefront of civil rights for blacks over the years.

So who in their right mind would want to join a party with the reputation of being racist?

For years now, the racist label has been attached to white Republicans without any supporting evidence. Yet the charge has gone mostly unanswered. Few have publicly addressed the unearned condemnation, so generations of black folk live and die without ever knowing the truth.

There is an African proverb that says, “Until the lions have their historians, tales of the hunt will always glorify the hunter”.

I remember wondering why those brave men and women who were in the middle of the struggle with Dr. King, failed to disclose that it was the very party they now pay homage to that promoted slavery, lynching and killing hundreds of thousands of slaves.

It is the same party that created the segregationist Jim Crow Laws, beating and killing numerous civil rights workers who fought against those laws and for their dignity and freedom in a nonviolent revolution.

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I wanted to provide these articles and video as a tool. Take them or leave them.