News-Fast...You deserve a break today!

Does anyone else just feel the need to take a break from the news now and then and tune out?

Some days the news makes me feel like I am in a cage with 5 tennis ball machines all firing balls at me at top speed from all angles and there’s a hole in my racket. I mean could the folks in DC just give us a brief respite to breath…like take an EXTENDED recess in August…maybe till October of 2010?

Taking a break from the news the last two days has been calming for the soul. Still reading newspaper articles and blogs on-line, but not spending hours listening to the pundits trying to dissect the unfathomable. For those who are unfamiliar with fasting, its the practice of abstaining from something, usually to make a point or to show devotion.

Meanwhile I will be doing the political thing in person tomorrow night when I go my first Hillsborough County Republican Party Executive Committee meeting. This will be my first foray into local politics. I have no idea how it will go, but I want to try to work from within to change things. The new chairman of the local group seems very determined to get it back on track. I will blog about it when I get home.

Friday night I am very excited that I will get to meet Marco Rubio in person. I hope all Americans will eventually get to meet this fine young man who is everything I could want in a conservative candidate (for Senator from Florida, replacing Martinez who is retiring). I watch the video linked here every once in a while just to remind myself that the world is not completely filled with dullards and liars. If you click on Marco’s name above, you will be taken to the video of his farewell to the FL House. He had to step down as Speaker due to term limits. This video shows why I will be devoting 150% of my energy, and whatever I can financially manage in supporting him.

Well that’s it for tonight. Nothing of great moment to report. Also trying to balance all of this blogging and Twittering with non-political reading and spending some time in reflection. Hope everyone here has a great week and if you are feeling stressed, consider taking a News-Fast. You will be glad you did.