Mr Obama - Can I just say - Back off!! (my take on Health Care)

SO – Mr. President – Here is what I understand about the Health Care bill being proposed:

I will be required to pay for abortions on demand, and who knows how late in the pregnancy those will be allowed. Especially once you push through Judge Sotomayor with her “oh so compelling life story”.

Tort reform, which would save billions of dollars, is not on the table. Why would we take anything away from the lawyers when 2/3 of the folks on the hill are law school grads?

The government will be visiting my mother every 4-5 years to help her decide how to end her life.

One year after this is passed I will have to have chosen health insurance or be forced to take the public option.

My district and teacher’s union will have incredibly difficult, unnecessary decisions to make for over 10,000 employees. (I’m only in the union to protect myself from suit).

As far as I understand the Congress does not answer to the President for determining their legislative schedule. Whatever has to be solved does not have to be done before they take a break in August. Why are you in such a hurry, sir? Is there some manufactured calamity coming that you already are in on?

Back to the details. I will not have much choice in herbs and medicines I can take unless the government decides I need them. And since I am 55, I doubt that you will decide I need much.

I doubt that when I am in my 80s I will be able to have the knee replacements I am very likely to need. Or the heart surgery. Or the cataract surgery. All of the life-saving and transforming procedures that our great researchers and scientists have developed in the last 10 years? Nope – only for the young folks.

This is my life, my body (as you Democratic-Progressives are SO fond of saying), my choice,Mr. Obama!

How DARE you tell my Senators and representatives to “Buck up!” and push through another massive legislation that is untested, poorly researched, and a hodgepodge of several different bills that NOT ONE person on the Hill – INCLUDING YOU – has likely read each word of, much less understood? WE KNOW you have not considered the long term debt/deficit ramifications of your prized Health Care reform. How dare you fly all over the world appeasing our enemies, then zip back home for a bit and try to lay this burden on the American working people? How dare you throw yet more false statistics and manufactured crises at the uninformed who you are supposed to be looking out for?

How dare you try to force the American people to accept something that we KNOW all of you folks that live in DC will not have to be part of? Just like you will somehow find a way to be exempt from the tax increases that are coming. How about you guys test the Health Care plan out for 4 years under OUR supervision and see how it works for you? Oh, I’m sorry – a third of our Senate would need to have those end-of-life meetings. I know lots of voters that would like to be in charge of those. Well, at least that would shorten up the lifetime benefits and pensions we have to pay you politicians after you serve. I don’t see you RAILING against THOSE greedy CEO’s in the halls of the Senate and House.

You could really care less about ANYONE in this country except people who’s votes you can buy when you promise them manna from heaven on the backs of those nasty rich people who do nothing but provide employment for millions of Americans. You certainly don’t mind spending our money trotting all over the world, so why would you have a problem with people that have earned their wealth enjoying the same?

The real problem though, is all of us in the middle. The ones who make 35-70K a year. In case you didn’t know, that’s not rich in today’s struggling economy. I am on the lower end of that scale. Every bill you try to pass is adding to the burden of every American who makes the mistake (at least it seems so these days) of actually working hard to try to get ahead and provide for themselves and their families. This health care bill that you are trying once more to shove down our throats will break our backs. You are in effect raping our paychecks with every bill that you sign.

So I am telling you – Back OFF!! We will fight the Cap and Trade Bill and the Health Care legislation for ALL we are worth. We will be on your doorstep in September in the thousands. I know. You won. I should just get over it. Well, here’s how it really is. 53% of the American people elected you. 15% of those are having growing buyer’s remorse. The other 47% of Americans have HAD IT!! I am almost to the point of wondering why in the world I am working so hard to try to educate children (in a Title I school no less), if they really just have to grow up and know nothing except that DC will take care of them off of my $$. Actually I am starting to wonder why I work at all. It’s very stressful and wearing down my health. Maybe I should just quit and live off the government too. I mean I have an 18% disability with a bad back. Don’t you owe me life time care… at least until I’m 70 and we can start having those “end of life counseling sessions?

PS- We don’t want to see you on Wednesday night. We have heard the rhetoric until we can actually give the speech ourselves. 46 Million uninsured (false). Urgent (false). Economy will be in ruin if we don’t pass Health Care (false). Yeah – that’s about it. Oh, the last part that you are getting wrong in the speech? – It will NOT be done before the end of the year.