Bumper Stickers you may see...Equal Opportunity post!

Obama buyer’s remorse – “Damn, where’s my CHANGE?!”

Republican National Committee “Who knew they would get mad enough to leave us?”

Lindsey Graham “Appointments have consequences – Guess I’m done in ’14”

Democrat “Any working stiffs left with a dollar? We need YOU!

Palin (due out 7/27) – “Watch your backs D.C. – I’m free at last!”

Pelosi “Damn it Barack – I’ll get it passed! Gimme my Botox ration!”

To Olympia Snowe “You may NOT become a Snow Bird when you retire!”

Peggy Noonan “Damn Sarah Palin – How’d she get to have it all?”

Glenn Beck “Non-violent protest is key – but don’t get between me and my M&Ms!”


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