2010 - Back to Sanity! Conservative Candidates Belong to ALL of US!

Here’s the movement name- “Back to Sanity!” – Winning back the House and Senate in 2010

I need your help with basic info to get this going.

Here’s the simple idea –

  • Build a list of the top 100 Congressional and Senate Races that are crucial to winning a majority in both the Senate and the house in 2010.
  • List them in descending order of power (like Boxer, Specter, Dodd, DeMint..).
  • Then just like paying off personal Debt – Start at the top of the list, supporting either the opponent or the incumbent – $50 to number one, $48 to number 2, etc down to $32 at number 10, then $2 to every other candidate.
  • I will compile an Excel sheet that I will post on line with all of their pertinent info and donations amounts. That way you can check off each on as you are able to help.
  • If we each did that it would equal (someone check my math) a total of $590 over a one year period. That is not a huge price to pay for our FREEDOM!.

    And, of course, I would urge you to give above that to candidates from your own state.

    BUT if we only give to people from our state and hope that all those other candidates will have enough to fight, we will lose.

    We must all support these crucial battles for power together and next month is already starting to be too late. This is July 2009. We have an election in 16 months that will make or break this nation we love. You can help us to victory. If you want to give overall to the RNC or IPA or whatever party, that’s fine. But these candidates need to hear our voices and our wallets LOUD and CLEAR!

    PLEASE LEAVE A SHORT COMMENT LISTING Candidates that you know of that are either fighting a powerful liberal or moderate incumbent, or that are actual conservatives like DeMint and Boehener (he’s finally stepping up!) that need our support to stay in office.

    *** Data needed – Name, office they are running for, State, District (for House), opponent. If you already know the donation site for the candidate – list that***.

    Please check to be sure they are actually up for reelection before listing them. In the Senate, only those that are in Class III are up in 2010 – but there are powerful battles to be fought in that group!

    This needs to stay completely grassroots, increasing the numbers and demographics of their supporters daily. I know there are lots of pundit built sites. We need to do this ourselves!