"It's NOT just the Economy Stupid!"

For those of us who actually watch the news and listen through the punditry, who search their sources for enlightenment, these are trying times. They would be trying time no matter what was happening in the economy. In fact the times would likely be more trying if the economy were in excellent shape, because then that impediment to some policies proceeding would be lifted.

The very make-up of our country is now being threatened. Rights that we all hold dear – the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness- rights which some groups should have had as citizens but have had to fight long battles for, these rights are being threatened.

–>The right to work hard, achieve something with your life, have a little property, maybe own a small business or be the brains and brawn in founding a major corporation.

–>The right to keep as much of your hard-earned income as possible.

–>The right to choose your doctor and either pay them directly or purchase insurance from the providor of your choice.

–>The right to feel safe within the borders of your country without danger from people who are here illegally taking your job, selling drugs to your children , or bringing gang violence to your neighborhood, and possibly being allowed voting rights in the issues of your country.

–>The right to be protected from those who would harm your country, without worrying that people who attack the United States and its citizens, or attack those defending you, are being given constitutional rights of fair trial, when they are not citizens and in fact are enemy combatants.

All of these rights are in danger from legislation and investigations that are being bandied about by our House of Representatives, our Senate and President Obama. These legislations include Cap and Trade, Nationalized Health Care, a 2nd Stimulus package, investigation of the CIA, the current Supreme court nomination, the consideration of International Law super-ceding our constitution, and a Military Finance bill that includes new unjust hate crimes legislation. And yet, our American public is SO incredibly uninformed and truthfully, completely lazy about being informed. 1 out of 5 people that I ask has no idea that we are in danger from our own government. As one on Twitter said “Why watch these BS Supreme Court hearings when I could be watching H&G channel, E! entertainment, etc.?”

If someone does realize the dangers, they may have attended a Tea Party, signed a petition or two, or contacted Senators and Congressmen or gone to a “No Nationalized Health Care” Rally. These are being held all over the country at local Senate/Congressional offices Friday 7/17 Noon-1PM. Find a way to be there if you possibly can!

Those that have realized the dangers are concerned about what else they can possibly do. I am going to make a radical suggestion. Get involved in local politics, whatever your stance. If you already are involved, BRAVO! If you are not, think about it… even if they have failed you before. I have not given up on the idea of a church or school or company or friendship that works even though I have been failed by some.

So, although this local political involvement is new for me and I am a latecomer, I will enter in that same spirit. People and groups make mistakes. Groups rarely are changed from the top – as in the RNC (Republican National Committee) or the RPOF (Republican Party of Florida) – but rather from the grassroots level from city to county to State to National politics. I attended a workshop on activism on Saturday. I will be working with a group that has already formed locally in support of Marco Rubio for Senate and with Eddie Adams for Congress vs Kathy Castor. As much as possible in this page I plan to highlight other crucial races for 2010, like Chuck Devore vs Barbara Boxer for California Senate. As the election gets closer, I will be going door-to-door, working the phones and electronic media for the candidates of my choice.

I know the idea of a third, fourth or fifth party is tempting. I have been and am tempted. However, until I see one forming that has the funding, name recognition and organization necessary to be successful, that is as far as my interest will go. In the mean time I am going to do everything I can to work for CHANGE through the existing organizations and BELIEVE that we can get this government back on a true constitutional footing starting with the 2010 races.

PLEASE – find a way to be involved at the local level. Do something that requires you going and meeting with those that ARE trying. Just on Saturday I extended my person political network by about 15 national and local political workers. Next Friday I will get to meet Marco Rubio in person and am hoping to host a “meet and greet” for him at my apartment complex. I will be attending Hillsborough County Republican Party Committee Meetings. Will activism be easy once I go back to active teaching in August? No, but in this time of desperate need in our country for educating and enlisting real activists and supporting those who are able to run, this is where I will be “tithing” my available time, talents and treasure in addition to my house of worship. No excuses, no backing down.

We Win 2010!