Why I am no longer Never Trump and why you must do the same...


Full disclosure:

I voted for Ted Cruz in the primaries AND in early voting in Texas in the general election as a write-in option.

Anyone who knows me personally, and that includes some now on RedState to a degree, knows I backed Cruz religiously in the 2016 GOP primaries. I’m a true political nerd, mostly over process and history, but this time it became very personal for me. I was familiar for years with him, well before his senate election in my state, and waited to back him for this election.

I was crestfallen when a vastly inferior candidate took advantage of a large, split field and won the nomination in one of the most important elections ever. The vote splitting I warned over between Rubio and Cruz in particular led to momentum that carried the Orange Slime to the nomination.

Naturally, I was totally against Trump for too many reasons to list here, totally without any connection to the fact that he took the nomination away from a person who actually had a huge intellect. To see a Trumpkin regurgitate “Lyin’ Ted” in that now famous video clip, to see the media give that egomaniac a 25-1 mention edge on purpose to set up the party with the least qualified nominee in like forever, deliberately so they could replay his damaging comments on everything from women to disabled reporters, was depressing beyond belief. They wanted the Orange One from day one so they could win in the fall.

A person, Cruz, who could appear on CNBC and debate finance with people specializing in it, lost by nonsense to a man who claimed his father was intertwined with the murder of JFK, adding that he bedded Amanda Carpenter, too.

I rapidly became Never Trump, and was pleased that RedState took up the banner as well.

My disgust for Trump only grew, and my eventual disappointment with Cruz over his evolving reversal to the point of recent campaign stops for his previous rival became palpable.

I simply could not stand Trump, and felt betrayed by one of the best potential nominees we could have fielded. Of course, intellectually I have long known the only trust in a politician one can depend upon is that they WILL disappoint you. Still, it really hurt when Cruz “evolved” to tout the team player stance, temporarily at least damaging his brand in the process doing it.

Early on, when Scalia died, I still felt that since Trump could not be trusted, even that was not enough to change my mind.

Principles are principles, you either have them or not, you cannot just support someone you think is totally out of reasonable bounds as a lesser evil. I had decried the old line of even many other conservatives, and the GOPe to hold my nose for the nominee. I was not willing anymore to vote for the most conservative person in the primary and the person who won the nod in the fall simply to stop the left and the Democrats. Heck, the choice of Trump was like having a Democrat in OUR slot, too.

I did not live in an “in-play” state, so I wrote in Ted recently, since even after his reversal I felt he was the best overall candidate by the total balance sheet, a position I started with and acted upon ultimately. My choice was easy, because it was not Ohio or Florida or NC or CO or NV, etc. which are they places, among some others as well, that could decide the election.

In principle, I felt then and even now to a degree, that NEITHER Trump or HRC should be in the WH in an ideal world.

But we do NOT live in an ideal world. 

We do, however, live in a crossroads brink point world where the stakes truly are decisive and unrecoverable.

I’m sorry, but that’s just the facts we are facing here.

After Donald won, I left the United States for months to visit several key spots in Europe and engaged locals over the refugee crisis.

I toured Scandinavia and crossed border checkpoints and areas where I was openly warned not to go to.  Even police, I was told, would avoid a city nearby Gothenburg because of migrant gang violence that in such a peaceful country would have been unthinkable just years prior. Polls of public opinion there have shifted from being resoundingly pro-refugee to *opposition* from a populace that is extremely left wing by their makeup almost across the map.

That happened due to facts on the ground, and it is wake up call for those who are too eager to dismiss fear over refugee insertions as being bigotry.

But their press, much like ours, screams auto-racism on any opposing of very fluid borders.

Recently, an asylum seeker gang rape  apparently occurred in a city I visited there which took hours by boat to visit from the mainland, prompting locals to revolt in a civil disobedience response. Sadly, a few idiot racists were also on hand and confronted released suspects, which helped the almost universally left wing press there paint ALL persons in the uprising as bigots.

Folks, the situation is Europe is very real, and it’s the future for YOU if HRC wins on November 8.

She supports a big increase (from Obama’s already bad policy) in refugees who she admits cannot be vetted in e-mail leaks, and Trump does not. Open borders are her vision of the future as per the same e-mail leaks, and that alone disqualifies her. This policy can and will bring violence, rape and murder to our shores.

You don’t have to be “nationalist” to get the stakes here if you saw what I saw and talked to the people I did who are living in a situation that they invited and now regret in spades. People who would have supported HRC in any other election who use politically correct gender neutral pro-nouns for children without question and lecture you about scoffing about told me they felt Clinton was misguided like Merkel and that was BEFORE the above mentioned leaks surfaced, mind you.

Donald Trump at least gets some of the big picture here on this deal breaking issue, at least publicly as a professed approach.

I have been a member of the Republican party for many decades, and a pro-life hard line in the sand citizen even longer.

HRC WILL *only* appoint pro-choice justices according to her own words in debates. With Trump, we have SOME chance he might stick to a reasonable list, and even if he bats 50/50 the odds cannot be lower than they are with his rival.

I don’t have to believe Trump, I don’t, on abortion to know his picks are a better shot in the dark than that of his foe which will be across the board true believer leftists that will fundamentally destroy us on the life issue and many others.

HRC believes in month 9 abortion. With proper pressure, like the base applied on the H. Miers pick that gave us Alito, we have a CHANCE at minimum to get a correct pick. Not so with HRC, except by total luck waiting for another Byron White, and Dems have not missed like that since 1962. Even Reagan gave us pro-choice, eventual homosexual rights supporting picks, Bush gave us Souter and his son gave us Roberts and an upholding of Obamacare.

If your top issue is life, as it is mine, no other pick than Trump (which is a crap shoot, to be sure) is possible.

The problem is this really is a game over election, the most important of our lives.

The SCOTUS after Scalia is 4-4.

That means whoever picks will give a 5-4 split. In another election, say one with a 6-3 lead for “our” side in ideological makeup, means that a Dem win would not be so crushing.

I would prefer Cruz to pick the slots, but he only could have (hypothetical) input if Donald wins, kapish? He’s not the nominee, nor will any other person win on November 8 than HRC or Trump. It’s a binary choice, like it or not in terms of practical facts.

What would a certain loss of the court mean?

Well, just this:

A rash of cases WILL be put up by the left to win critical social issue and other game changing issue wars that will totally wipe us out on multiple levels.

The left plays the long game, and for keeps, and they intend to knock us out NOW, before 2020.

The age of these justices are such that as I warned during the primaries will result in 3-4 picks, easily. These will be inevitably balance shifting ones, not merely replacements. Count on it. And if so, that is game over.

We are talking about a 40 year plus loss, and thus the entire ball game.

HRC disagrees with Heller, so do will any pick she puts there and so do the other extremist leftist justices who will not hesitate to wipe out the 2nd amendment in a flash, re-writing the constitution on the fly. It WILL happen, count on it.

Trump must win. Period.

Even 25% odds that Trump gets it right on SCOTUS means we have to risk him over allowing HRC to win.

Ideally, I would still be Never Trump, in the real world, I will not live to fight another day if she wins, and neither will you.

I suggest all readers here read the above link by another writer, and really give it some serious thought.

I did, and I would vote Trump if in a swing state and get anyone else I could to do likewise if voting on election day in a swing state.

This election is not like any other.

If HRC wins, she will ignore immigration laws and will not be kept in check by either the GOP who also folded on Obama, and their choice to use the courts will fail as a remedy since she will stack them with leftist shills.

You see, the left has known since the 1960s at least that making open borders will result in changing demographics that will reliably vote Dem no matter how we appeal unless we change our position views on issues that we cannot or otherwise there would be no point in having an opposition party.

Trump is an idiot, he alienated Hispanics, but his supporters get the big picture on what is at stake. Dems winning 3 elections in a row will have much greater consequences for the RIGHT than the 3 wins did in reverse from 1980 to 1992.

We have lost the popular vote for 5 out of 6 general elections. We are on track for 6 of 7.

Each election since 1980 has saw the WHITE vote gradually and more precipitously drop, and that vote is instrumental, as is the greater number of women voting over the years, to helping Dems win.  You can see this by visiting web site that show the demographic make ups from election to election.

The Dems want to bring in as many illegals as possible to grant amnesty to since they realize that most of them will vote for them over time, almost inevitably. Unchecked immigration means many more Dems to swamp Republican or conservative candidates which means eventually we will lose most of the elections followed by most policy issues. This will happen if she wins.

Demographics are destiny, and people who move from oppressive regimes tilting left to get away from them tend to vote for more of the same, amazingly, just like liberals fleeing California do likewise in Colorado.

HRC cannot win. If she does, you are looking at Executive Orders on amnesty, and that means we lose the future.

One of the biggest reasons you must suck it up and vote Trump is that even if both are unqualified, she’s unqualified more, and that really matters on this and other issues.

Mark Levin is right, this is a DEFENSE ELECTION, just like Judge Napolitano notes on Fox just now, we may be forced to allow a Garland vote to simply hope and pray to hang on until we can beat her in 2020 if she prevails, God forbid.

We don’t have the advantage even if the almost liberal Trump wins, but we still have save our leg from gangrene if the alternative is having our head chopped off.

Much more importantly, and misses by most is the main reason:

HRC will not be stopped by a feckless GOPe, we know that from Obama. In this election, an unprecedented corrupt (even for them) MSM will defend her to the last during her term or terms, like they are NOW. 

That means when and if (no, when!) she uses unconstitutional EOs and such, they will NOT stop her like a Nixon, they will join Dems in defending her, even if she abuses the system enough to objectively merit impeachment. They will assist in allowing naked power abuse to be explained away by lawyer like claims.

The press will keep a wild Trump who tries to do almost anything at bay with constant scrutiny and opposition, not so HRC. 

Thus, the bull in a china shop will NOT be able to do anything he wants, but a super abusive overpowered Executive IS a real possibility with Clinton.

This is what many Never Trumpers miss.

We can hold Trump down from all sides, we cannot do the same with Clinton, and Dems will never vote to impeach her even if she totally merits it, but our own side, and the GOPe as with the same regarding Nixon, IS willing to stop a Republican abuser.

This reason alone is more than enough to get me and you and everyone we know to vote for Trump in the now binary choice.

The least damaging option, and not a good one, is Trump/Pence. That is true EVEN with all the bad stuff we know is true about him, amazingly.

The left, if HRC wins, will, I predict pass laws and use their power to take away progressively our right to resist as a practical opposition force entity. This is what a lot of us are missing, because we loath the alternative of Trumpism so much we cannot see the big picture, even though most of this think our stance IS respective of that.

2020 is meaningless because we will be crippled by hate speech statutes passed by the left designed to silence us outright by suggesting pro-life views or pro traditional marriage ones are bigotry, not speech. It’s already where the left is going, from cake baker molestation to similar ideas in other countries that try criminalize thought that is not deemed PC enough and in line with orthodoxy as defined by the left. Look at Europe again for clues here.

We may not get later chances to wipe the orange stain and install a Rubio in 2020 or a Cruz and even if we can because she fails as we suspect and has one term, the damage will be done and irreversible.

And Obamacare will never leave, and we will end up with single payer, and once that happens it is for good and it forever changes the relationship of the individual to the state. It’s game over for all of us if we fail to get rid of this law in 2016. We will lose over time and become just another European like welfare state. And people who live under those systems become permanently liberal and dependent, because it changes the whole mindset of the populace and only lefty arguments exist on world views in those nations. All you have to do is look at Sweden to see this. If you think our press is bad, watch theirs.

I suspect if the left wins it all, we are looking at tons of tries by the left, ranging from national bans on voter ID tries by the states and rulings of them being almost always unconstitutional by the Clinton court to making guns have huge “fees” and ammo taxes to effectively gut the right to keep and bear arms.

The left is eager to use their cleverness to make game changing moves that will make it less likely in multiple theaters of our system to prevent FUTURE wins over time by their Republican foes. At least, they want to tip the scales by putting a permanent thumb on it by any means necessary if given the chance.

In other words, to make us extinct or muted over time, to have anything called conservative no more right wing than the Sweden Democrats or the British Tories. In other words, to basically castrate meaningful opposition.

The left is all about policies in schools on gun bans and big reaching strategies to make their views become the ONLY ones that literally exist in a practical sense. They play for keeps. They intend to keep moving the ball so that eventually we cannot resist even if we want to because they control the process and the battlefield so much that resistance becomes futile.

You might even see the Fairness Doctrine and muting of this web site and on radio, etc. as a pile one. I mean, even Twitter and Google are being accused of using their platforms for liberal thumb on the scale uses and even silencing the views of our side.

They have already made huge gains on fundamentally transforming the country under Obama, and look to end it and go for a knock out with Clinton.

As much as I detest Hannity, he’s right that we cannot allow this and must AGAINST HRC and not FOR Trump if need be.

In summary, I am no longer Never Trump out of necessity.

I strongly urge you to reconsider and also get others to the polls on November 8 if you live in a battleground state.

This is an extinction level event, it’s not scare tactics.

We will NOT survive to fight another day very possibly, and that’s a risk we cannot take. It’s Trump or HRC like it or not.

You are playing defense here, not endorsing Trump. Cruz is right here. You are voting for Pence.

The Trumpbots never should have foisted this bad flawed pick on us, but that is water under the bridge at this point.

Anything you have to say to make the choice easier, do it. We simply cannot allow this woman unchecked power following Obama. Not even 4 years, let alone a likely 8 with the edge of incumbency. It will break your heart, it did mine, but in the end you know what we have to do…