Face it, voters are bat sh*t ignorant...


Cruz dropped out, but the big point is not about that, it’s about the appalling state of civics knowledge that now infests both major political parties.

Trump used positively leftist talking points and polls showed his supporters and surveys of GOP voters actually believed the election was being “stolen” over Colorado and other delegate maneuvers that were known in advance and had been operative for ages.

Victim-hood, it seems, is not just for Democrats anymore.

Whining about the rules in the middle of the game and refusing to take responsibility for a host of things related to that is just the tip of the iceberg.

A fundamental thing has happened in society, which is rapidly deteriorating.

Trump disqualified himself, on basic moral grounds alone, and he kept winning.

He bragged on national television about the size of his manhood, and he still got more and more votes.

He attacked the WIFE of a rival, in a childish and disgraceful way, and he kept winning. He argued over her “ugliness” no less.

He essentially called the father of Cruz to have a role in connection to Lee H.Oswald, and the press talked only about how this “rattled” Cruz, except perhaps mostly Tapper. One person writing for months in a known conservative legal blog actually took up the conspiracy theory seriously, on spec.

We have networks like Fox and hosts even purporting to be conservative, who have outed themselves as being only for rating profits.

But the truth is, many reporters are dumber than boxes of rocks, too.

We have a dysfunctional, illiterate society, and that’s the truth.

A person OK with men in women’s bathrooms just won the nomination of the *GOP* soon to be followed by one on the other side who will likely echo that.

We will see hand wringing, the Frumbots who will blame social conservatives, and other surrender monkeys. We will see folks on RedState saying “conservatism is a niche market” etc. and for us to not be so shocked, since the country is not really that right wing, like it or not, etc.

Yada Yada Yada!

That’s not it.

In truth, people are unbelievable stupid.

Large segments of the country, on our side, too, are totally brain dead, which explains how someone cannot see biology related to “gender” since everything is relative now, thanks a breakdown in religion and other societal pressure release valves for the evil sides of human nature. Nothing is “wrong” thanks to our increasingly secular landscape. Nobody disciplines kids, so they run wild in schools, etc. because the culture has fallen into the toilet.

We are surrounded by moral relativism, reinforced in media, films, TV, etc. which prevents even basic common sense from being totally dominant.

At the heart of it is people do not know history, laws, governmental power definitions, etc. in almost any meaningful way.

In the past few weeks, I have monitored FB and Twitter feeds of people. especially Trumpbots.

The results have been astonishing.

One person actually decried Cruz over his campaign logo, because “who would use a BURNING AMERICAN FLAG as that?”

No, really.

Several repeated unproven on any level claims over him having “affairs” that involved denials by not only Carpenter, but also a Trump operative accused of the same thing. These folks were serious, they actually believed something lacking any evidence.

Evidence does not matter today, because critical thinking skills are not there anymore, and it’s not just delusional Trumpkins.

In 1968, the Democrats nominated a person who did not win ANY popular votes directly. In fact, he won less via surrogates than the DECEASED (RFK after his murder) 2nd place finisher! The top vote taker did not get the nod, either.

No riots. Yet Trump was able to convince all sorts of idiots that the better organized rival was literally cheating.

Just recently a tired looking Cruz “debated” a Trumpbot with facts and reason, and the guy could mostly only say “lyin’ Ted and “go back to Canada!” in response. He’s quite typical, actually.

You just repeat, with mass media, a baseless claim or branding line, 10,00 times, and most voters, much of which are low-inf, will believe it on spec just due to the repetition. People once believed Palin, portrayed by Tina Fey on SNL, said stuff she never uttered because of this effect. Nobody checks facts, it’s just depressing. You have Luntz focus groups that show undecided voters reacting emotionally to claims because the person “seem’s like he cares about me” and other subjective nonsense, etc.

Do not deceive yourself about this being just a cult, or cult of personality with bad timing and aligned stars, even though it was.

No, it’s a lot worse than that.

Americans lack basic civic knowledge, even on “our” side, in big numbers. And they are unbelievably dense.

A lot of it’s out fault for ceding the schools to the left, when each generation needs to be taught, for we are always only one generation away from a demagogue like Trump.


Read that until you understand.

Over the past few months, I’ve come into contact with several “Americans” who cannot name ONE SCOTUS justice, but CAN name their favorite sports stars, teams, and the latest American Idol.

The reason people like Chelsea Clinton can publicly say “If my mom is elected she will use Executive Orders on guns” is because we live in a complacent society that is USED to ever increasing governmental abuse as a given, not as at minimum a constitutional crisis.

We allow and even elect people like Obama and now Trump because people are ignorant of even basic separation of powers, so of course they cheer Trump on, as long as THEIR authoritarian gets in, giving them their supposedly neglected pie slice.

They do not understand the ideas of constitutional principles except as abstract concepts, if at all. They cannot today relate to WHY the founders set us up as a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC, preferring a mob of democracy without restraint.

Only a deeply damaged nation morally, spiritually, etc. elects a Trump.

A society of men who do not respect women elects a man who treats women like he does.

Ask the average voter simple things about what this country is supposed to be about, timeless values, and they have not even thought about it. It’s not a case of disagreeing, it’s a case of outright ignorance and stupidity.

I’m not sure how we fix this, but it will probably take years and a lot of it is our fault for putting off educating the public and ceding the arguments in the name of peace or living our daily lives-to the left. Every day we have educate the public.

The GOP is not a party I can support anymore I fear, after decades of membership, it cares only about getting and holding power, not about advancing freedom. The party chair Tweeted that Trump is now the “presumptive” nominee.

Actually, we STILL had options as patriots even if Trump had got to 1237, but he, predictably, caved at once, without a fight.

Voting for Trump is no better and almost WORSE than voting for HRC.

We will never get over being labeled the party that willingly nominated an ignoramus as a presidential candidate.  His nomination reflects society as a whole, so it’s not surprising.

As I noted months ago, we truly live in an Idiocracy, and we don’t need a movie to get a front row seat…