The true meaning of "special little snowflake" and why it should matter to you as a citizen...


Today Cruz may have made an error in criticizing “New York Values” instead of merely deriding leftist ones. For once, I agree with Van Jones, this is like the error Trump made in WI, which will not narrow the likely loss coming up in NY to keep Donald under 50% as would be helpful. He’s likely to galvanize, with MSM help who are already trying to hurt Cruz on this-voters to reflexively oppose him by distorting the meaning of the intent Ted is clumsily trying to convey.

However, what also happened today involving Cruz is another issue that needs our regular attention.

On a frequent basis, Legal Insurrection’s sister site, College Insurrection, posts material showing ignorant kids, often on video showing their lack of civics knowledge. Often there are stories about American youth having “trigger” spells when someone, or any idea or thing they find objectionable or not liberal leftist PC enough to pass their censorship squad of modern day German SS wannabes that conservatives too kindly refer to as Social Justice Warriors.

SJW’s are everywhere these days, contributing to the scourge of “you will be made to care” woes of innocent victims nationwide.

The problem is now they are so intent on SHUTTING DOWN all forms of views or events or concepts that they find “objectionable” that they literally bend over backwards to stifle the spirit of free speech, and they are getting worse daily.

We need to push back. Hard. A lot harder. I mean nuclear weapons grade hard on this snot nosed little brats without a clue.

Today Cruz got tossed out of a Bronx NY school thanks to these little PC Nazi’s who simply do not want to hear and logically refute (assuming they can, and perhaps they even fear they cannot which leads to their fetish of censoring “the other”, etc.) the views of the right.

No, these little brats do not want us to EXIST. Period. On top of it, they claim harm to their little psyches by our occupying space anywhere near them, bless their sweet sheltered souls.

Here’s the link:


Folks, this is not tolerable, to borrow their own concept but in this case correctly applying it.

They appear to just lie on top of it, over anyone (read, conservative) that they want silenced.

So they appealed to the principle to stop free speech by Cruz:

Hello Ms. Duggins,

A group of students will be leaving during 4th period, as act of civil disobedience in regards to the arrival of Ted Cruz to BLCPA. We have all considered the consequences of our actions and are willing to accept them. We respect you and all the staff at BLCPA as well as the expected guests. But we want you to understand that as passionate students, we have ideas and principles that should be heard and respected. This walk out isn’t a reflection of our discontent with BLCPA but our opportunity to stand up for our community and future. This walk out is taking place because we as students all share a common idea.

The presence of Ted Cruz and the ideas he stands for are offensive. His views are against ours and are actively working to harm us, our community, and the people we love. He is misogynistic, homophobic, and racist. He has used vulgar language, gestures, and profanity directed at a scholar and staff members, along with harassing and posing threats to staff and scholars according to the Disciplinary Referral slip. This is not to be taken kiddingly or as a joke. We are students who feel the need and right to not be passive to such disrespect.

Jeepers, I did not know Cruz, in addition to the other charges which the left always claims to make us look “intolerant” when the shoe is more on the other foot in most cases-supposedly made THREATS to the staff and scholars with vulgar language.

Who is the harasser here? Could have fooled me.

Cruz seldom even swears publicly.

So, basically, in all probability, these goons made up lies about Cruz (unless some reader knows of some new big story rivaling his “mistress affairs”, etc.) whole cloth, and sent those to the principle to STOP HIM FROM ATTENDING.

Should Ted sue them? I think he might want to consider it. Especially now that the left wants to make him into a Trump clone n order to link him in the minds of the public by defining him early, as HRC is now doing, as being Trump 2.0.

One thing Trumpets are right about, is the left and their OWS clowns are going to do from now on is attack ANY conservative with “protesters” claiming they are “only showing people racism, bigotry, sexism, etc. cannot be tolerated” etc.

They WILL soon start attending his rallies, disrupting, not debating, suggesting his Muslim neighborhood patrol statements mean he’s a “bigot” like Donald, and thus should be harassed even to the point of event cancellations, which are morally justified since he’s like a David Duke or something.

The idiot principal caved and wrote:

“Your points are eloquently argued — in fact, so eloquently argued that upon reading your email, Khori Whittaker, the CEO of Lighthouse Academies has agreed to cancel the visit,” Duggins replied.

“I’d like to commend you and the other students for your commitment to your beliefs and values. I believe that I would not have been able to get the visit cancelled without your actions.”

These morons want to stifle ALL things, ideas, speech, etc. that they remotely find troublesome, for whatever special snowflakey reason that is. And they are PROUD of that. They LIKE getting people like Cruz to be SHUT DOWN instead of refuted in the arena of ideas.

Again, one thing Trump’s loons are right about, even though he DID incite in effect and is an idiot, is these PC goons are not going to be swayed by a more reasoned tone, unless it totally agrees with them.

They are all about using any method to stop the SPEECH of the right from having ANY forum eventually.

They are PROUD of threats to walk out, or use any method needed, as long as they get their way, which is defined as physically stopping the other side from having a voice.

That’s gotta stop, yesterday.

The left is increasingly becoming emboldened, sending timed plants to Republican conventions to disrupt and ruin their ideological foes, using “protesters” who openly admit their intent is to shut down the EVENT and who seem to think rushing podiums is acceptable if the target is a right wing “enemy” etc.

If we do not oppose this as a movement, in totally relentless terms, 24-7, it will become the norm. 

And, we will lose all debates, all the time, because we will no longer be talking about moving the Overton Window, we will be talking about not being able to talk for fear of riots and over threats of various consequences over doing so.

Funny thing is, that is remarkably like the M.O. of Trump and his minions, but I digress…