Begala and Luntz are dead right about the silver bullet which can take down Trump!


My colleague here at RedState  Kimberly Ross, just posted tonight on the front page led off with this paragraph:

“Trump is not a fighter. Those who believe he is are mistaking braggadocio and general bullying for resolve. They feel good when they see the mean kid yell and rant, but get the same kid alone and ask him to defend or explain his actions, and he can’t. This is Donald Trump.”

As a longtime pro-lifer and activist for what I feel is the cause of all causes, I can understand her frustration at this man, which is almost palpable.

Tonight, as well, on CNN Paul Begala, a known Democrat liberal hack, and Frank Luntz, the sometimes maligned Republican pollster/focus group promoter, elaborated by noting something absolutely critical to the chances of Ted Cruz for the win:

Donald Trump’s biggest asset in the eyes of his followers consists of their belief, rational or not, that he’s the outsider in this race. The manifestation of that is reinforced in their minds when they seem to constantly see him “doubling down” or even tripling down-to defend his often painted as outrageous by the MSM-statements on a host of subjects.

Take his concept of banning of Muslims and at one point the idea of preventing American citizens who are returning from travel abroad, etc. He eventually walked some of it back, and his followers rationalized it and did not punish him much over moderating his initial stance somewhat.

Matters finally became clear when he recently suggested women having abortions should face penalties, not just abortion providers. Both pro-lifers and abortion rights supporters condemned him and ridiculed him.

He then totally flip-flopped, and kept “clarifying” and changing his positions several times in just hours, and today he stepped into it again on the law status and it’s ramifications involving the most important civil rights issue of our time.

Begala and Luntz hit it on the head:

He’s acting like just another waffling double talking politician now, why keep supporting him?

He’s acting like just another waffling double talking politician now, why keep supporting him?

He’s acting like just another waffling double talking politician now, why keep supporting him?

He’s acting like just another waffling double talking politician now, why keep supporting him?

He’s acting like just another waffling double talking politician now, why keep supporting him?

He’s acting like just another waffling double talking politician now, why keep supporting him?

He’s acting like just another waffling double talking politician now, why keep supporting him?

I repeated that 7 times, since Trump usually repeats his main points on any question about that much, but I digress…

That, my friends, is the way to stop Trump!

His followers put up with all sorts of sins, but they hate political correctness and speech and thought control and spineless Republicans, etc. and they hate with a passion the left controlling the debate with “racist” and “sexist” etc. accusations.

That’s why they love Trump.

He’s their champion, because he “always says what’s on his mind” and “says what he means and means what he says” and unlike “lying Ted”, a POLITICIAN in the end, *he’s* the true outsider, he’s never been a politician OFFICIALLY.

Well, he is NOW.

His appeal cannot withstand this brand tarnishing. His supporters are seeing him recoil over his abortion statement, instead of telling the detractors to pound sand and doubling down, he CAVED. He let them make him back down, and that’s unthinkable.

Cruz and others are wasting time, trying to reason with his followers over his not being a “true conservative” etc.

They don’t care. They don’t even care about whether he’s more or less electable. They see him as their martyr.

They want a FIGHTER. They want someone to stick it to the left and their labeling games, and give them the middle finger. That’s why they react so strongly in favor of and dig their heels in even further to the “Trump Train” when the OWS protesters decided to make trouble and accuse their gladiator and all involved for The Donald of being racists, etc.

They don’t perceive, with some basis in reality to be frank, that the GOP Establishment and even several conventional conservatives have the stomach to knife fight the left and take no prisoners. They are fed up with the politics of surrender. They wish just ONE PERSON on their “team” would leave everything on the field, as it were.

The “alt-right” of misogynist crazies who call people like us “Cuckservatives” are in the same camp on that concept, too.

They, too, see the rest of us in the landscape as feckless peeps who shudder at any aggressive attempt to move the Overton Window. They like that he, and he alone in their view, will take a hammer to it and political correctness, too, without hesitating.

That’s why Trump is their guy.

But he’s just another politician now. A calculating wind vane observer, who gaffed on abortion, then totally flip flopped and “clarified” his comments 27 times an hour, because that’s what politicians do, they lead by polls and optics. That’s what they fear Cruz secretly will do, that he’s all talk and no action. But their champion is not, he’s a fightin’ man who NEVER backs down and even ups the ante when challenged.

Well, no more.

Begala and Luntz alluded to this not in so many words as I highlighted and repeated above in bold, and they are spot on.

Once this illusion of him being not a typical politician gives way to him allowing the Alpha Male to be thought policed, the spell is broken. Once this myth of him being an in your face outsider is revealed to be a phantom, Cruz has a huge opening.

He caved, he played the role of a typical politician who “misspoke” and did all sorts of linguistic handsprings to do so. That’s not a fighter, as Kimberly astutely observed. He’s out for himself, just like all politicians destined to let you down.

This is not like the usual walk back, like did with the Muslim ban thing where he moderated his stance, and was credited with being a master negotiator who brilliantly manipulated the Overton Window to reach the position he wanted to accept secretly anyway, who read the mood of the public like an ace and bumped up in the polls after being attacked by the left and the MSM and gleefully pointed out that many agreed with his views but needed someone brave, like him, to openly give voice to such.

No, he just caved, and tried to do political damage control. That’s what typical double talking politicians do, not “outsiders” who speak their minds fearlessly, bucking the system to speak the truth to power and proudly wear their defiance on their Alpha Male sleeves.

This is the secret to taking down Trump.

Only if his followers believe he is NOT their champion, will he decline in the polls. And the only way to do that is to cite this and hopefully more such examples proving him to be just another politician who waffles and tries to backtrack and poll test answers, by actual data or by instinct and actions. He is giving more an more examples each day of being no different from the GOPe. He cannot be beaten except but by this.

Ted Cruz, are you reading this?