Remember to vote strategically today for Cruz or Rubio depending upon the numbers...

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That means, vote Cruz in TX, to help ensure that if Cruz’s true lead is smaller, he preserves it and helps the race go on.

You should do so instead of voting Marco if you are a Rubio backer.

Marco might win in MN, so if those numbers are closer for him than for Ted assuming Donald leads, vote Marco.  That means if a Cruz supporter there, you can help Marco over the top to stall Trump.

Cruz might pick up a surprise in OK, Arkansas, or TN. Those might be places to vote for him even if you support Rubio.

Rubio might be the only shot in VA, which means Cruz voters may need to vote for Marco to stall Trump again.

AL might be better for Rubio, though it could be close, and again Cruz voters are going to have to make a call there.

MA seems a toss up on 2-3 behind Trump.

Vermont likely Trump, I assume Rubio would do better there relative to Cruz.

Alaska, not sure but suspect Rubio and Cruz might be close together there.

GA seems a tie between Rubio and Cruz? Not sure what to suggest then.

Fewer late deciders might be left for Rubio this time, but his direct sandbox attacks on Trump got attention which could help him again today, despite it being a wrong approach long term and on principle. However, it might help Cruz because if any Donald support slightly peels off, the recipient would more likely be Cruz who is still seen more as a second choice among Trump voters than Rubio. I suspect the net balance helps Marco, in our American Idol short attention span society. I suspect tonight exit/entrance polls will show breakdowns with Marco winning at least some (and most) of the remaining undecided decided in the last week since the previous debate.

The racist stuff might also impact a bit today, too bad it will not likely cause a big drop. But over the next few days, if the pounding keeps up or new stuff comes out, the long term drip might yet finally harm Donald. We have another debate Thursday, and it will be critical to go after Trump on racism during it, and his comments that are unreleased that might show a less unfavorable view towards illegals than he suggests in his rhetoric. Any drop off helps Cruz, who will get most of it from it.

Both Cruz and Rubio might stay in to the convention, or if maybe on of them drops out and then coalescing can occur. I think Cruz is the best option, and will cull more votes from Trump bleeding off support and if Cruz wins TX tomorrow and Rubio does not win anywhere and drops out, more of his guys will got to Cruz than Cruz dropping out where many will go to Trump.

Good luck, and remember to vote strategically to help stop Trump, that’s more important than getting either Cruz or Rubio since either could win in November and would be acceptable choices to vote for over Hillary.