Liar Liar pants on fire...


Is Cruz the Zodiac? (Joke, pure sarcasm.)

Today, I watched television for hours instead of posting at RedState.

The results were quite revealing.

On various cable news networks, I saw at least several stories about/involving presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

Every single one, without exception, was essentially 100% negative. No positive pieces were covered.

Part of the reason we are in the mess we are in, relates to this type of abuse of journalistic power, coupled with low information voters.

In one story, the video and comments proudly declared that his campaign was failing.

A campaign well-funded, with a caucus win, 2nd place in delegate count, was analyzed minutely for all possible cracks suggesting doom on Super Tuesday. All of the coverage was suggestive of demise and pitching Rubio a tad in addition. No attempt to look at the polls, showing a lead in TX and a possible win in OK was even considered.

In another, a guest from CA, Duncan Hunter, proudly endorsed and extolled the virtues and character of Donald Trump for the presidency. He commented on other candidates, saying they were all good people, but not Ted Cruz. He went out of his way to suggest no ability to establish any kind of respect for him, and basically openly disregarded his personality.

In another, video from the now infamous Rubio bible comment misquote and other tidbits to spin a narrative of him being a dirty campaigner, spent a number of minutes explaining how the labels of dirty and liar are sticking to him, gleefully.

In another, 2 guests sparred, with one (I think a Trump supporter) attempting to suggest Cruz was some kind of serial liar, and the defending guest did the best he could (he was a person who has argued in support of gun rights on some segments) moderated by the totally biased Erin Burnet, formally of CNBC.

The accuser talked over the defender, insisting Cruz lied, and on several of the above stories, looped comments of Trump and Rubio, etc. were played calling him a liar without context. His detractors acted happy he was suffering, and they displayed the exit/entrance polling question data showing the charges were impacting his campaign given late deciders to Rubio in 2 races and results from who ran the most unfair campaign, etc.

The defender sadly did not try to tackle the accuser aside from pointing out saying something over and over to try to damage their perceived character among LIVs who will only hear the words “liar” or “lying” and not take the critical step of asking in each instance what SPECIFIC lies are being called out!

What really happened here, as Ace from Ace of Spades HQ has been carping over for days now, flanked by talk show host Mark Levin, is that Cruz disputed Rubio’s record directly, on several episodes and/or votes involving mostly immigration or amnesty, etc. Rubio tired of trying to spin his answers, and decided the simpler thing to do was savage the accuser directly, kind of like shooting the messenger over not liking his message about your balance sheet.  Just forget Univision and what I said, liar!

Sadly, given the poll numbers and other signs, it’s working.

It’s totally unfair and not ethical, but effective nevertheless because most people are ignorant and do not do detailed research into the points contested, they make up their mind by how many people seem to be hurling the vague “charge” of dishonesty without even seriously investigating whether the claims were actually lies or not. They vote at the last minute accordingly.

What’s sickening is media puppets, like Burnet, who should be asking these simple questions, just allow all of it to go unchallenged whenever a person they do not want to advance is targeted. Since the repeat this stuff constantly, the truth is irrelevant, the general public is not going to take additional steps to inform themselves to render a fair judgement.

The media is trying to directly build a working bullcrap narrative over Cruz being a dirty trickster. They list the events from the Carson flap to the Photoshop pics to the bible misquote gaffe from his former rogue spokesman  to suggest the fish rots from the head down. Clearly, other campaigns have done similar things, even in this cycle. In the egregious case of Tyler, he got canned in hours. There is no known evidence Cruz knew about releasing a false video quote claim, but we do know the media is not asking Trump to fire people or actually himself-over his use of the fake Coburn quote that he used AGAIN after it was debunked! What an incredible double standard. It seems only Cruz must live up to some campaign ethics code from the Vatican.

Now Rubio is working overtime to lose my vote in November should he prevail over his comments regarding not wanting to unduly speak ill of fellow Republicans in the race, with the usual excuses. Fellow diarist and front page contributor streiff laid into Rubio over his unholy alliance with the Orange Man taken out of the pages of Rules for Radicals.  Too bad those are being used here against a fundamentally honest and consistent man who has the respect of people who have known him or who have followed him for many years now. There are lines that are simply not crossed, it speaks volumes about ethics or lack of them.

The other Establishment and (left wing) tactic is to suggest he’s “unlikable” and no segments ever attempt to ask if he’s been not cordial or abusive. No attempt to ask if the GOPe FEARS him instead, which is a lot more believable. Aside from calling out (correctly) McConnell, where are all the clips showing him to be anything but prosecutor lawyer inspired at worst? Could it be that the folks in government, the lobbyists, etc. are afraid he actually believes his own claptrap and intends to act upon it and to honor his original promises? Is it possible they do not want to have to do that themselves, so it’s easier to just smear him by saying he the person is “creepy” or “unlikable” to prevent that from ever gaining traction regarding them? Fear is not dislike.

There are people who he sometimes rubs the wrong way. But that’s not due to Ted.

Cruz is the nerd with a high IQ and debate team skills who several are uncomfortable with because they worry he KNOWS he’s a Mr. Smartie Pants and that bugs insecure people. Should he hit himself in the head with a hammer to make himself dumber?

For months, liberals have been posting stuff online over him being Satan. No, really. Cher might want to keep her day job.

And how did “evil” “mean” Ted respond to that accusation. Read it for yourself and ask who is telling the truth here.

Face it, the media picks our candidates for us. Every. Single. Friggin’. Time.

The selectively cover the options, giving a huge deficit of mentions, and positive vs. negative covers in a manner that suits their best case ideological agenda.

Ask yourself, would not the “unelectable” Cruz be given kid gloves until he won the nomination? He’s been ignored since day one, except to cover passive aggressively or worse. There’s a reason for that. They don’t want to risk an actual Cruz POTUS.

Robert Reich noted recently that Cruz was much worse than Trump. We all know the GOPe would rather be destroyed than have to support Cruz. They did the same thing to Reagan, kicking and dragging their feet to the point of trying get Ford to re-run in 1980 to avoid “risking” a big loss. How about asking Carter himself for an opinion on Cruz?

Everyone knows the difference between Cruz and your typical politician is he actually means his own blather, and intends to act on it decisively, without regard for country club perks and lobbyist objections.

The media always uses the same shop worn method of setting up the nominee of ours that they desire, who will move the needle the least and rock the boat the smallest, should they win. Then, they turn full opposition research from Hell on them once they are on the hook.

The error many commentators have made on this cycle is assuming Trump played the media.

They played him.

They intentionally gave him a pass and even helped him, covered him like 25-1 over other candidates, seized upon his quotes and used them to ask OTHER candidates running to ANSWER for every latest silly “charge” he hurled, sucking up all the oxygen in the room and thus preventing others from making their own cases to the American people.

Once Trump is the nominee, 24/7 quotes about the disabled reporter, breast feeding, bathroom breaks, punching people, heckling a woman’s face, calling rivals p*ssies, etc. will be looped. Trump has never actually faced a hostile media.

Ted has.

They used the large number of debaters strategically to ignore Cruz by design. They limited the formats for the same reason, since they understood his debate awards had to be avoided as much as possible. The dumb GOPe allows the leftist media to use the debates to provoke cage fights and to make us look bad in advance.

When questioned, they used gotcha and hostile queries, and they will Thursday. Expect the first one to be to Rubio or Cruz (or both) regarding Tyler’s resignation and what that says about Cruz’s personal character, control over his staff, etc. and look for them to bait Rubio into going postal on him with charges of “culture of deception” and shady ethics, etc.

Ask yourself each cycle, who is feared the most and treated the worst from the start. That’s often a sign of who you vote for!