Marco just on Fox/Cavuto saying Cruz used ROBO CALLS to suggest Carson dropped out?

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It appears that Rubio has gone too far.

He just appeared to Cavuto and said Cruz used ROBO CALLS in Iowa saying Carson dropped out.

As far as I know, Cruz’s operatives MAY have suggested to caucus goers he dropped out, but he did NOT  use robo  calls to do so in any direct fashion.

Cavuto did not challenge Marco on this, at all.

Cruz campaign officials might want to replay this tape.

It shocked even me, because unless I missed something, that is just a total fabrication.

He warned of a pattern of deception by alluding to the media obsessed attempt to paint Cruz as dirty by using “tricks” like the Iowa “shame” mailer, the Carson Tweets, the actually quite common joke photo with photoshopping showing a beaming Rubio with Obama, etc.

This tired “Cruz is a pattern dirty trickster” thing is out of hand and almost Trump like.

I’m sick to the core of this attempt by now to suggest Cruz does all this stuff that other campaigns have done and worse, and this is a bridge too far even in the bloodsport of politics.

Marco, you cannot just make this kind of stuff up.

Did he?

Who can do a quick search and tell me if Cruz’s team used drop out Robo Calls in Iowa over this? He had no time anyway because it all happened so fast.

Rubio may need to correct a misspoke or apologize early on this.

Am I wrong or mistaken about what Cruz did in Iowa?