Mark Levin backs Cruz over Univision flap in Liargate-Rubio backing amnesty in 1998?


Respected talk show host Mark Levin just took Rubio to the woodshed on his show, backing Cruz and his claims over Marco’s denials regarding the Univision appearance. Rubio attempted to suggest Ted’s grasp of the Spanish tongue meant he was in no position to speculate.

Listen to the entire segment below:


Ace at Ace of Spades HQ then uncovered material suggesting Rubio was backing amnesty for illegal Hondurans all the way back in 1998! This suggests (?) Marco’s ties to legalization for illegals predates the notorious gang of 8, which Schumer says had Marco’s fingerprints all over it.

He  cannot simply say he goofed, when one considers 1998 and the Schumer analysis of his intent during the GO8.

He cannot do so with heavy backing by open borders money, as Michelle Malkin notes, including Paul Singer, who others say aside from amnesty advocacy supports homosexual activism.

These folks are likely to demand a return on their investment once he’s elected, or they would not be backing his candidacy.

Rubio initially campaigned against amnesty, then he flipped with GO8 and now is against it again. The jury is out on whether you believe him that he will not change again once nominated or becoming POTUS.

Cruz has been fairly consistent, in comparison.

These nuggets show that cynically saying Cruz is also dirty on amnesty, when his poison pill tactic to force Democrats to admit they only wanted to mint new voters for their party, is hardly an equal case. Several other respected conservatives agree he was trying to force their hands, such as Sessions. They would all have to be lying, and that’s not likely.

It’s just not credible to suggest Cruz is a”liar” over and over on this stuff across the board other than to say he’s trying to present Rubio’s record in the most unflattering way. Politics is a blood sport, as they say, and each man is trying to win.

Disclosure: I’m voting for Cruz in my state primary today, but will vote for Rubio in the general if he survives, since he’s better than everyone else still running on other issues overall aside from Cruz, especially the life position…