Trump's two big damaging errors tonight...

1) Over Bush and the suggestion of possible dishonesty over going in. He may have made a few errors here.

2) Defending, in effect, Planned Parenthood.

Given the rep of Bush in SC, and the obvious fail on the 2nd point, the whole lot of them need to pursue attacks on him thus.

Actually, it proves a critical point:

If they would only hit him massively with charges and claims, he hurts himself defending, not only in acting like a bully to the point of turning people off, but he makes qualifying answers that make him look like another politician or dishonest.

This is another way of saying give Trump more rope by accusing him of everything under the sun to make him look bad, from Trump University to ED to PBA, to his positions on PP funding, etc. and then hope he makes mistakes in answering.

He’s bound to…