Trump shows how to attack him successfully.

He consistently tries, apart from trying to dehumanize and lower the stature of foes, to attack not the weaknesses of candidates, but what they tout as strengths.

For example, he attacks Cruz over SCOTUS pick judgment over Roberts, claiming Cruz was responsible for the man who upheld Obamacare twice. He tries to turn perceived strengths into weaknesses and accuses those aspects as being fraud and unreliable.

The mistake Cruz and others like National Review are making, aside from attacking him too late, is that they try to charge he’s not a conservative.

Voters don’t care about that.

This is an anger cycle.

Even many so-called actual conservatives, like J. Lord and P. Schlafly, are supporting Donald over immigration hard lines, and other nationalism paradigms and thumbing it to PC and claims he would manage better than the current boobs in government on each side of the isle.

They love him over his not being able to be bought, since he’s already rich.

Ted and others need to expose his claim of BEING a populist truth teller.

The need to expose him as being the ultimate crony capitalist. They need to show people he not only loses on his “cannot be bought” argument but that he’s actually more vulnerable to the charge of being in the pocket of financial backers, etc.

In short, they have to hit him over his claim of being for common men, not over how conservative he is.

He must be attacked on what he uses as strengths, to suggest they are not and illusions and lies. If he can be muddied up like THAT, we can possibly stop him.

We have less than a week to get it done…