Has Trump finally blown the deal seal?


Heading into SC, Trump had a head of steam.

At long last he was nuked from different people at once.

He stumbled.

He made 2 errors that might be turned into stump speech points for all of them, and ads on tv 24/7 in SC.

First, he essentially called GW Bush a liar over Iraq. He sounded like a leftist using leftist slurs. He then blamed him for 9/11?

Second, he talked UP Planned Parenthood over the “good things” they do besides abortion!

Evangelicals now have a more clear reason to back either Cruz or Rubio over point 2, if the point is stated enough and correctly messaged. I hope they don’t split their vote, which I suspect they might and cause Trump to win anyway.

He cannot even get his intentional “bible quotes” right, but questions the authenticity of a Cruz in that department.

Moderates and military types in SC who are grateful for the Bushes may be angry over the anti-GWB comments, which again might be turned to account to impact the result.

The narrative is he’s a liberal posing a “conservative” who claims he’s a “common sense” one, like one who uses common sense to note all the good things Planned Parenthood does?

This is real moment for rival campaigns to pounce, and they have only days to get this right!