Here's how Obama is going to play the spin on replacing Scalia...

Scalia RIP

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Step one:

Claim his duty is bound to pick a nominee. Distort the role of the senate and what they must do as being something else.

Step two:

Push for a fake “moderate” who is not a totally obvious (but is mostly at least, under table in private talks) leftist, then make sure it’s a female or a minority, likely a “new type” like the Indian American name being bandied about, to set the stage for racism sexism charges on any opposition.

Step three:

Send them up and demand a “fair up or down vote!” and expect one or the GOP is “proven” to be racist/obstructionist.

Step four:

If the GOP refuses even to allow a vote, which they should because the outcry will be deafening but easier to actually contain over time than if a living person is up and filibustered or even voted down somehow, either stop at once or try again, etc.

Either GOP caves outright over a bit of pressure sustained (likely) or he proceeds to step 5.

Step five:

Work on the PR, and claim that like immigration reform, he “had to act because the senate let down the American people” and try for a recess appointment, and will of course pick a person in all cases no better than a Souter or much worse.

Step six:

If GOP keeps finding a way to block it, by avoiding long recess, pro forma tactics, etc. keep pounding to rally Dems for the Fall turnout to make the most of the stalling even if the GOP succeeds in blocking it until the new president is seated.

Step seven:

If he gets the pick through, possibly by recess, then if that means the pick is not somehow permanent he rushes at warp speed to get the cases up like the TX abortion law, etc. before any replacement to make likely permanent the decisions. Gun control and a challenge to Heller and immigration laws in all manner of liberalization to mint new Democrat voters will be hurried onto the court hoping for cert to deal a knockout punch in the cultural war began decades ago.

I sadly predict GOP will eventually blow this, worrying about loss in November, cave, then allow not only a loss on demoralized voters, but also the Scalia pick.

Again, we are the Stupid Party…