Dems already spinning this over nominating, and pushing hard fictions...

On MSNBC one Dem tried to push what will be the collective narrative.

They are suggesting the constitution needs to be “followed” and doing so means Obama can nominate, and that the GOP is rejecting out of hand sight unseen any choice he might make.

They are hoping the public will turn on Republicans, since it’s a year of no justice being replaced, which they claim will be more like year and a half.

They are demanding UP AND DOWN straight up votes.

That would be a big mistake.

Repubs should NOT give up down actual votes.

It’s easier, even against outcry, to manage that and delay  than to allow Obama to claim he’s picked an approval bound moderate, who actually is hit by cameras, only to be filibustered or voted down. Then he gets another one, and then they bork him, and eventually they win the public imaging war over time and eventually Repubs will have to give in.

That’s the plan.

If the GOP is smart, they will work on the message here to say he CAN try to submit choices, but they have full rights to not even allow a vote to really go anywhere, it’s a lot easier to answer flak that way than to try to deny a “humanized” actual running candidate who the Dems claim is some poor minority being abused by the right.

I fear they may make the error of allowing votes, hoping to either filibuster or vote it down outright, over and over.

In any case, the left is not wasting time to try to make sure Obama gets to make a probably leftist ultimately pick or picks.