Surrender Monkey L. Graham already giving in...

He just claimed CRUZ should not be the picker, but claimed “consequences” for Obama and is saying no pick will pass UNLESS it’s a “consensus” choice, but make no mistake, that means at least a SOUTER.

He, and GOPe, will give in and claim we are getting a “deal” with a “moderate” that will mostly be ALMOST as left as the hardest left pick, but just barely less crazy.

A reporter already said “but how will the Republicans keep denying him the pick for months” and face public outcry?

Now Graham is threatening Cruz, claiming electability refutes him, and praised Bush and said it will be the chief issue now.

Rubio fans will no doubt help Trump win by getting their hopes up even more, claiming they must over similar but more heartfelt reasons, and will try to make their numbers closer in SC but ultimately helping Trump domino.