Media is ALREADY trying to slam Republicans for "daring" to hold nomination up!

Now CNN is crowing that it would be “wrong” (they are saying in effect) to hold up the court for a YEAR but the evil Republicans WILL over politics!

For shame!

They forget about Bork, and the treatment he got.

They are salivating over this possible Titanic shift.

Toobin on CNN is claiming the GOP “savages” all the picks of Dems, clearly he has not been watching confirmations, the GOP in the recent past voted for Ruth B. G. by a huge vote, and they tend to give far more deference on Dem picks for SCOTUS than they ever receive, Alito barely got over the hump, and Thomas nearly failed even back in the early 90’s.

Media will frame this as “unjust” like Dems who they repeat talking points for, in that these lower court rulings will stand and we cannot have a vacancy on the high court for so long.

Wonder how they would feel if a Repub was about the leave office and Ruthie had just died?

I don’t wonder…