Looks like my warnings here for months have come to pass in the worst possible way.


Scalia died before age 80, and now Obama will select a pick hard left BEFORE he leaves, given that Romney failed fueled by the lack of will or forethought to go after Obama after the first debate.

Now, the court’s tiny tentative 5-4 majority of sane jurisprudence is gone, and with the surrender monkey Republicans, worried about losing an election, there is almost no chance they will “Bork” his replacement pick, but the Democrats would, if they were similarly situated, make no mistake, if they had all of this on the line with bad luck facing them.

They will approve his leftist pick, and now the fear I had has come to pass in advance.

Now, if Trump wins, we will have no choice but to vote for him and hope he does not nominate 3-4 Souter types which he likely will but we KNOW the left via Clinton or Bernie will do so.

Now, expect gun control cases to go against the constitution, and what we do about it is hard to understate.

We should stop the appointment of almost anyone, hope to keep only 8 there, use any means necessary to run the clock out on Obama, but don’t get your hopes up.

I don’t believe any judge, even one claimed to be “centrist” is likely to be anything less than a Souter.


I am just crestfallen now.

Why not Ruth B instead? That sounds terrible, but we need it given the situation on the rest of the cultural/legal front.

Ted Cruz must win this debate tonight, and he must show people he must be the next picker…