Debate winners and losers...




He started slowly and was intentionally ignored and not asked the same questions to not permit him to answer similarly to Rubio or others. And he was trip up bait by some mods. Should have not tried to go so hard on Rubio, but eventually hit Trump hard and called him out and should have done so for ages now. His Luttig answer was good. CNN even agreed he hit best and won the debate on the moment of it, which was to expose Trump but it needed to be weeks ago!


Mostly recovered from robot charges but gave weak answer on states having poverty programs. Closed great. Should not have called Cruz a liar over amnesty. Sounded good overall.


Again hit Trump over and over and tried to get time on mentions by name to prevent his being ignored. Defended family and Roberts who other than Obamacare mostly has not been a total disaster.



Arrogant and insulting, and he defended Planned Parenthood and called out others as liars over his saying they did SOME good things. Of course, media and CNN’s Erin Burnet tries to defend this clown. He got booed, and tried to use his Alpha Male persona and attempted to smear Cruz over and over as “untruthful” despite his history of consistency. He tries to make him look creepy and also tries to make his strengths weaknesses, by suggesting his very top suits, are lies. He lost against Jeb because SC is a state that reveres the Bush’s. Trump always threatens to go nuclear and crude on anyone challenging him, like when he attacked Cruz, etc. His knowledge of who to appoint as justices, as Cruz noted, is a joke, and J. Lord should be ashamed of himself for supporting this clown. In a presser he gave general answers, D. Sykes, and tries to con people into thinking he cares about vetting judges expertly. Lobbyist audience? Trump claimed so, but he should be booed by any rational person.

Also present:


Actually his best recent debate, but mostly just claimed to have better judgment. He tried to be there, but should bow out.


I’m a big government nice guy who can get elected. I fear we will lose unless we all hold hands. I’m not advancing past NH!