Why do they call us the Stupid Party?


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Here’s the story of how The Apprentice happened, except for real:

The Democrats are known, by their foes at least, as the Evil Party.

We are called the Stupid Party.

Ask yourself why.

Months ago, a carnival barking, populist pandering, narcissistic egomaniac misogynist decided to run for president.

The parallels to Obama, circa 2008, were striking despite their differences in style/tone.

Both inspired cult-like devotion where the demagogue hued candidate became an empty vessel to project the views of the supporter. Kids began to sing songs about them, or make videos, with a creepy dear leader quality about them. First time high school age 18 year old voters began wanting to make their initial choice for president because all their friends were doing it and they thought him to be Mr. Cool. Other first timers, not age dependent, showed up to do the same, these are low information voters, (LIVs) the sort who seldom show up for elections but do so with a perfect storm and an inspiring snake oil salesman.

In both cases, the conditions worked to result in a large group of people being fooled at once by a timely, skillful opportunist.

Obama had the financial crisis, coupled with Bush fatigue. The Donald had government immigration recklessness and by the GOP, failure theater even on abortion bills where public sentiment was favorable, and terrorism events locally and abroad to underscore the need to stop mass migration justified by rigid political correctness.

In both cases, people stopped thinking rationally about the Svengali.

In both cases, people who you would have thought to have known better (Phyllis Schlafly, Colin Powell, etc.) became like underwear wetting teenage girls attending a Beatles concert in 1964 over someone that did not deserve *any*such adulation.

In both cases, a simple unifying slogan for a bumper sticker rallied the troops, from Obama’s Hope and Change to Trump’s Make America Great Again were used shrewdly. Details were absent, intentionally. In Trump’s case, his official web site has only a few big themes/issues, lacking policy specifics and utilizing faith in the “leader” to accomplish anything by force of will.

In both cases, a “we are the ones/change we’ve been waiting for” psychology was used to make believers feel they are part of a movement greater than themselves, assisted by the heroic figure who made it all possible if only their fans had faith.

In Obama’s case, he actually appeared in the midst of Greek Columns via a Hollywood lot rental, the current idol is a (fake) “reality” television star.

Both men were pitched to the public as being some kind of celebrity, and the press in Trump’s case has taken to actually repeating whatever his latest insults are and asking rivals to comment about those endlessly, instead of asking them about their own resumes and positions, etc.

Even challengers like Cruz, who won the first delegate contest in Iowa, are treated as almost invisible men amid gas-lighting.

Incredibly, regarding Trump at least, several persons that easily would appear to be hardcore conservatives appeared on comment boards in places like American Thinker, would fanboy/fangirl attach his persona and shout down rational dissenters.

In both cases, supporters refused to heed warnings about their unfounded heroes, and they even managed to suppress bewildering cognitive dissonance episodes regarding Trump over his constantly changing positions and statements.

Making matters still more astounding, you can visit message boards in places like Breitbart or Conservative Treehouse and find people rationalizing away every charge made on Donald’s past and even current leftist approaches. They see only what they want to see, totally blind to his faults like a 16 year old girl whose mom tries to show her that her boyfriend is a “jerk” that will inevitably or even currently, break her trust and her heart.

One person posts regularly to Legal Insurrection, arguing with a regular Cruz supporter who manages to assume every thing their champion does is a brilliant move like no other in the history of campaigning. Apparently, he really could shot someone and not lose that person, at least.

Anyone who understands history, coupled with demagoguery by cult figures during elections, understood the danger.

I did.

I also tried to warn people, to little avail, once I saw kids even in my direct orbit who replayed the Obama fawning eerily.

But a fool and his/her republic are soon parted. Twice counting Obama’s reign of error by design.

This cycle, supposed radio hosts on “our” side chose ratings, and thereby potential profits, over principle, assuming most of them ever had them to begin with. They coddled the showman, instead of exposing him.

Sarah Palin surfaced for her new 10 seconds of fame and endorsed his candidacy, in total defiance of assumed principles.

The leftist MSM did similarly, repeating every wild comment of the man in a manner designed to fuel ratings, instead of informing voters. Their minions in debates, already designed to make Republican candidates and their party look as bad as possible, used those meetings to encourage cage matches

Ambitious politicians, like Ted Cruz, who shrewdly, they thought, tried to thread the needle of outlasting him while keeping some of his supporters, began to ignore even insults by posting jumping shark tweets to avoid taking his abusive bait.

Despite his team of impressive analytic schemers, the Texas senator ultimately proved too clever by a half, not engaging in open warfare forcefully enough, in time.

Cruz kept holding back in what were actually limited debate opportunities to go full scale negative, to take on Trump and treat the schoolyard bully appropriately, which Bush has tried to do almost unilaterally. It may be too little too late.

Trump decided to go nuclear on Cruz, like he does on any threat. He actually used the word p*ssy to describe his rival, in what has become a familiar tactic of cultivating an Alpha Male aura who questions the stature of his foes with cheap shots galore. Trump’s strategy is to destroy the reputations of rivals as being what they claim, and to diminish their equal stature by insults.

By this time, the crowds actually cheer such schoolyard bully slurs, since their Pied Piper uttered it.

For months, various pundits of all stripes kept predicting that eventually Trump would “go too far” and make a comment that would derail his candidacy at long last. After he attacked a woman’s face, a disabled reporter, a breastfeeding mother. a woman using a restroom in crude terms, etc. we rapidly passed the point of pinning hopes on a campaign ending gaffe ala Todd Akin.

Once the momentum gained critical mass, that time had come and gone.

The press, loathing Cruz and trying to set up a situation where they once again choose our candidate, ignored his win in the cornfields and spent the entire week talking about a silly “nontroversy” and his outright manufactured “feud” with CNN.

Several, including Rove, suggested he did not legitimately win (!) over dirty tricks including the above flap with Carson and a mailer designed to induce voter participation using psychological pressure.

They instead prepared a exaggerated (but valid) case of “Marcomentum” to describe a finish in line with consistent polling albeit a closer result. One person defied expectations outright, but it was not Rubio.

They ignored no less than 7-8 polls in a row outside the margin or error from gold standard outfits which were belied by the victor in spite of his having to contend with an entire state apparatus against him along with an Ethanol lobby smear job while he fended off poll deflating attacks from the soon to be briefly humbled egomaniac over his standing to be in such a race at all.

They were STILL analyzing the decision of the showman to skip the last debate prior to those caucuses as being the reason he lost by 3+ points to Cruz, not giving him much credit except theoretically given his army of volunteers and “ground game” edge.

Once New Hampshire loomed, the press again resumed their chant of inevitability for Trump. Once he won, as expected, they fawned on the outcome and proclaimed a new day for how campaigns are to be waged. No more, they said, did charismatic figures have to field traditional model winning horses; that could be beaten with star power appeal alone.

They never noticed that they were instrumental in helping him achieve that, because all publicity is good publicity, and Trump was mentioned over months like he was the only person running at a pace of like 25-1 in mentions of “others combined.

Heading into South Carolina, the only person with a realistic shot at stopping Trump is Cruz.

Most Rubio fans don’t want to hear that, but it’s true.

A GOP winner, especially in a cycle like this, will either have won IA or NH or both. That means Trump or Cruz. In a cycle like this, with a national mood leading to support for a Bernie on the left and a Trump on the right, coupled with the media eager to say any early tiebreaker (going up 2-1 on the nearest rival) means it’s “inevitable” that the person, meaning only if it’s Trump, is unstoppable.

Of course, they will  downplay a similar hypothetical win by Cruz, and to an extent, even Rubio.

But the result will be the same.

Vote splitting among evangelicals among the two will help Trump win, since he’s already making inroads on that group even since Iowa.

Rubio did not win that. He finished third. He failed in 5th after a debate gaffe likely a lasting image of him being a robot scripted speaker, aided by the media which turned on him to quell his momentum.

Rubio, the Establishment friendly person, is unlikely because of Bush and Kasich to get where he needs to be in time by consolidating that from Cruz to be anything other than a spoiler.

Adding Carson taking evangelical votes similarly, but no chance almost whatever, and Trump wins.

If this was a 2 man race, Cruz would win SC very possibly, due to his ground game and operational superiority, and initial win to take a jump ball from Trump.

It’s much less likely that Rubio, no matter how he surges, will win outright in SC and then be able to claim it’s a new race with each man winning a race, etc.

This, under even “weaker odds of the hyped candidate winning” situation has happened before. Moderates, like Trump, or in his case a liberal-wins by conservatives splitting their votes up in critical early state just long enough for the centrist to gain narrow wins from a splintered field.

The best likely case for Rubio is he SOMEWHAT passes Cruz, ensures a win by Trump, and helps Donald domino.

Yet many Rubio fans, including those on RedState, are under the delusion that their man can still pull it out.

But this is a team effort, we cannot support who we want absolutely, but we must stop Trump or we will live up to the Stupid Party label to a T.

What’s likely to happen, is if Rubio leads in say, Nevada, or some other group of states, or even Cruz in states like Texas, loses to Trump in SC, the numbers will magically flip and Trump, not them, will suddenly lead even in those “sure thing” places.

Herd psychology will out, and worse the urge to back a winner will also be overwhelming, aided by the media drumbeat that wants to make Trump be the unelectable “inevitable” selection only to turn on him in the Fall to help the Democrats.

Most people cannot wrap their heads around how strong this phenomena is. It’s stronger by a factor of 10 this time.

They wishfully assume, given that Rubio fans are assuming he is more “electable” than Cruz, that he has more time than he actually has.

He does not.

His window most likely has passed already.

They falsely assume a brokered convention or a Rubio run will occur on a hypothetical SC victory, but his poll position now, coupled with the clock running out on the vote coming in days, means he will not have enough in time to pull it off, making “electability” debates moot regarding him and Cruz.

It will be very hard for CRUZ, even, to pull this off given the hero worship deficit he has to deal with, and with an equal win to match Trump, much less Rubio.

Now Cruz AND Rubio are really earning the Stupid label, since in their dual lust for power, instead of being team players, are trying to tear EACH OTHER apart ahead of the primary in SC.

What they SHOULD be doing, what all of them should be doing, is ganging up in a Quid pro quo on Trump.

Cruz is more likely to go after Marco, than Trump tonight, if tea leavers are correct.

All of them need to be going nuclear on Trump, in ads and in debates, non-stop. Yet they leave him mostly alone.

That’s why Trump got this far. That’s why he will, with the help of the Stupid Party, win the nomination if things don’t change in the approach to tackling him in all manner of situations.

He should be presented tonight as being unelectable, likely costing us the court for generations, and will appoint a string of Souter picks that we cannot afford. That means only a Cruz or Rubio should be considered at all for the party.

With the death of Scalia, we can expect Rubio and his fans to point out Cruz’s failure on Roberts, again, trying to win instead of putting reality first which means prioritizing stopping Donald before it’s too late, and we are already out of time.

Cruz is the best picker, since only he in a recent debate highlighted this to the core, that of the need to  be 100% correct in vetting picks and now has said later, but before the death that he would comb through years of data to ensure originalist philosophy judges by looking at tons of cases involving that judge to try to ensure they are true blue. He has a score to settle because he wants to be vindicated over Roberts by getting a direct shot at altering the balance hard to the right.

No other candidate has been this thorough. That’s why Cruz, with his intellect and background, must be the next picker.

He was a team player on Roberts, and everyone, likely Rubio too if he had been similarly situated, did as well. Roberts was not a pick like Alito, who drew all sorts of criticism over the Casey ruling involving abortion and spousal consent arguments.

In tonight’s debate, I expect Rubio might even get into this and try to use the “Roberts fail” argument against Cruz.

They should both just attack Trump and use Scalia’s death to show they must do the picking, but ambition makes men stupid.

It’s also why they call us the Stupid Party.