The STUPID PARTY strikes again, and again...


Last night actual polling data on the race for the Democrats showed that most voters accepted the premise that Sanders, probably due to him being an open socialist, as opposed to one who is nearly as socialistic but hides it better-was less electable than Clinton.

It was not even close.

Yet all manner of Democrats chose Sanders anyway, the person they felt most represented their values.

And on our side?

A person spending less then 19 bucks a vote who had no edge in state makeup for voter advantages, who hardly spent time there, beat another person who spent millions upon millions in ads, finishing third.

That happened the same night that an open socialist won in spades there.

That’s the same person who won Iowa, with the entire state Establishment apparatus working against him, who denounced Ethanol fealty, who had everything thrown at him over his citizenship, who had a phony controversy thrown at him twice, from one foe and CNN.

He trailed Trump, with everything going against him, OUTSIDE MOE by 5-7 points in like 7-8 gold standard measurement polls in a ROW.

He won by over 3 points.

Polling data showed his values were most shared, seemingly, in both Iowa and NH.

Yet our side keep trying to be pragmatic and splits its vote up allowing either a GOPe minion through or a fool like Donald.

Kasich finished 2nd with no way to go forward given his lack of resources.

One man does have those, a ground attack, organization and is a true believer. He’s also the smartest candidate with the highest educational chops, his name is Ted Cruz. There is objective reason to not coalesce around him.

Rubio finished 5th. He was third in Iowa.

There is NO TIME to stop Trump UNLESS several bow out, and hopefully Rubio, or he runs the table.

We will not stop his momentum, press fawning and star power by splitting the evangelical vote in SC between Cruz with like 21% and Rubio 16%.

Due to concerns, not objective ones, by the way, over “electability” we are about to toss everything away, which we do almost every time.

Cruz has shown more readiness than Rubio to actually do this. His numbers and initial win in Iowa and NH showing relative to his innate chances and money spent means he’s the best value for donors to back.

Unlike Huckabee or Santy who could not go beyond Iowa to win the nod, Cruz is not similarly situated.

But literally every nominee either wins Iowa or NH or one of the two. That means the nominee is likely to be Trump or Cruz, and nobody else. Clearly Cruz is the only sane option.

We have to coalesce behind CRUZ now, not later. Only 10 days to go to SC, and if we keep splitting the vote Trump wins. Then he likely loses in the Fall except to maybe Sanders, and if he wins he will not act like a conservative so that’s also a loss.

We have to be pragmatic, and that means not chasing after a hypothetical phantom over general election strength and to back the only one who can seriously challenge Trump and most importantly, in TIME.

If all these particulars were reversed, I would have to back Rubio now instead of Cruz.

Instead, now on the stump in SC, Rubio is going after CRUZ.

All of them need to go after TRUMP.

But the stupid party is gonna be stupid.

A crowded field means Donald wins. At the least, we need Carly and others to drop out and back CRUZ.

Trump loses likely if it’s one on one, especially against a Cruz. Even a 3 man race might give a shot if the rest leave.

All these people are helping their egos and not their country. This demagogue will not be stopped in time if we don’t coalesce and we cannot wait until AFTER SC to do it safely.

I will support Rubio if he wins the nomination. But that won’t matter since he’s already out of time, the only one left with a shot of the 2 who can do it in TIME is Cruz, so it’s a moot point. All Rubio can do now is split the vote and help Trump. There can only be one of these men heading into SC.

Persisting in a fantasy that we can go on winning individual states and somehow pull it out, for either Cruz or Rubio, will not likely work in the real world once the momentum an inevitability meme kicks in full force.

Either Cruz collapses and nearly all of his voters go to Rubio, or the reverse, but they cannot divide it over 10 days and hand the vote and the nomination to Trump by losing SC. I think all the evidence points to Cruz being given the nod by his numbers, his organization, ground game, debate skills, etc. But we have decide and very fast.


Democrats go after who they want, ever left, without fear. Here’s one area where we could do ourselves a favor and act in kind but in reverse. Of course, the problem is we are not as right as the left is is left, so we see a continual march to socialism.