Donors: Cruz is the best bang for the buck going forward.


In a state he did not really cover, one where he spent barely over 500K or like 18 bucks a head, Cruz finished 3rd. He beat a person spending millions upon millions, and many others.

Clearly, someone like that is well organized and has a ground game that is punishing. He had no advantages going in yet only lost to the 24-7 Trump media blitz with new voters and to a person (Kasich) that lived there with no path going forward due to his lack of resources, money, etc.

His economical advantages were noted on Fox News this morning, where several analysts observed the striking disparity between how much he spent and how much he got in votes even in a state where his primary strengths demographically were lacking. In a state where he did not actively campaign. In a state where he fought 2 “nontroversies” heading into the voting.

A candidate is going to have to have lots of money going into what is shaping up to be the most expensive election in memory. That means he will have to get the most out of the least, to save money to run ads in OH and FL in November.

That means Cruz.