CNN: Camp Rubio saying Bush staying in means Donald wins?


Just now on CNN a headline floated word from Rubio’s team that Bush is helping Donald win by continuing on.

He might want to take his own advice, though, since really if he and Cruz divide the northern evangelical votes in SC, Trump will win in the cities and domino. Later states will be irrelevant if that happens.

Rubio said this election was like no other and textbooks will be written about it by historians, or something like that.

He’s right about that.

A crowded field helps Trump. The smaller it is, even a 3 way race with Rubio, Cruz and Trump makes it a lot harder for Donald to split the votes and use the inevitability meme to his advantage.

Bush is another vote split candidate, but he has the money to stay in and, like Rubio, will likely stay unless he runs out of it.

The main issue is the big split between him and Cruz, which helps Trump.

Right now Marco’s  path to the nomination is difficult, because he ran out of time and his 3-2-1 strategy predictably failed.

Which one should drop out?

A poll shows most seem to want a 3 man race between Rubio, Trump and Cruz. Most want Trump gone the most of those 3, according to the above link, something like 12%.

I think that favors Trump, who needs an anti-Trump well before the vote in SC.