THIS IS FICTION: Rubio campaign under media firestorm after Endorser Gowdy makes controversial proclamation...

EDITORS NOTE: This diarist has chosen to write a work of fiction. Do not take this as fact. This will be the last time this diarist posts such a piece of work.


Monday, February 8, 2016, speaking at a NH rally for Rubio, Trey Gowdy attempted to pitch for votes in a provocative manner that caused cheers in the audience and from Rubio but has horrified the press.

Gowdy told the assembled crowd of over 120 undecideds attending the rally in Derry, NH that his candidate deserved their vote, not Carly Fiorina, who is also in the state and receiving sympathy after ABC declined to allow her participation in a recent debate. Several audience members, including one man who wanted to use his question time to ask Rubio to denounce the omission of the only female in the GOP race, turned to Trey and waited for a response or for Rubio to answer himself.

Gowdy said: “There’s a special place in Hell for men who don’t help other men!” and the crowd, instead of being stunned, went wild with laughter. Rubio beamed and chuckled himself, to the delight of his gathered potential supporters.

Gowdy implied that Fiorina should not be given male votes, since Rubio is more deserving of them being men like them.

A reporter for CNN caught the comments on tape, returning them to Erin Burnet, who suggested the affair could be a fatal error for Rubio. A panel of anchors and figures from Donna Brazile, condemned the comments, and in turn wondered if Gowdy would be dismissed. They speculated whether the incident could sink Rubio’s chances outright for the nomination.

Paul Begala opined that he honestly wondered what that said about the sexism and misogynistic tendencies of the assembled crowd. He could not believe in this day and age a man would laughingly reject voting for a woman in order to “stick together” in brotherhood to support a man on the grounds of his having a male sex organ and XY chromosomes.

That is the height of Neanderthal thinking, and sadly typical of the bigoted right wing mindset.

Burnet agreed, saying as a woman she found it offensive and unacceptable to say or even think that a woman should be disregarded for the office of the presidency by not being male, and that men would laugh about that and support such sexism by using their vote only on other men on principle. “That’s not who we are!” she cried, tearing up in front of the panelists.

Rubio’s office refused comment this afternoon, having been deluged by threats, and the National Organization for Women chimed in and said his campaign should be taken off the ballot and he must now drop out.

There’s no place in America for sexism like this, feminist icon Gloria Steinem said in a press conference.

Indeed, many in the media questioned the level of prejudice in the Republican party and its base after these comments, suggesting that America is out of step with their antiquated views. The blogosphere exploded in universal condemnation, saying that comments like these are hurtful, divisive and morally repugnant. The cause of women’s rights should not be under fire or question many years after winning the right to vote. Commentators wondered aloud if Rubio, Gowdy and his supporters actually supported repealing suffrage in the modern age, to permit men only in the political arena as candidates or voters.

Hillary Clinton openly scorned the comments. saying that men like these, and their supporters, should move to a cave in the stone age and their views have no place in modern day America…

Disclaimer: The above is a clever work of fiction. I eagerly invite all RedState readers to comment on the full meaning of this story!