No more debates, I mean it this time!


Every election, the left and networks stack up creeps like Harwood to ambush Republicans with gotcha questions, and every season of one we come back, allowing 30 second answer formats, few town halls or Lincoln Douglas formats, etc.

Mostly, the same network creeps ask Dems softball questions like who does their hair or who is most liberal as a badge of honor!

It never changes.


I suggest the RNC grow a pair and demand better conditions.

For starters, let’s stick to the issues and stop the cage match tries they keep attempt to set up so we destroy each other in front of America before we get a chance to win in a general, stacking the deck against us and providing free opposition research!

We can allow them their ratings by hosting, even on CNN, but instead have all the camps agree on mods (and make them at least a mix or all right wing.

Just a short time ago Rachael Maddow and company moderated a Dem Debate. Such a fair person, not liberal at all.

All we can manage is MKH.

Why not Levin? Rush? Even Hannity?

Why not allow the team camps of candidates select a fair bunch of mods, and better yet, why not ask the mods take as much of themselves OUT of the equation by merely moderating, not getting to ask the questions but merely relate them and read them off, etc.? We make the camps AGREE on the questions in advance, make them fair and about policy, etc. and prevent these tricks!

The debates are instead 30 second ad material gotcha’s where candidates try to stand out on non-substance.

We can do better than this!

It’s going to take all of us and the RNC sticking together to change this culture of bad conditions for GOP candidates by making demands of networks and purchasing time if need be to stop their monkeying around with the process to help leftists.

We should be having one on one exchanges that last enough time to make reasonably detailed points, with alternate forum types to show them all in various settings.

We can do better than the biased nonsense currently being used, because there is no place to go but up, it’s so pathetic.

This is a big topic, but we should all agree we need to get some changes before any new debates or at least for 2018-2020.