"The press is primed to believe him" MSNBC guest admits about Rubio...

Let me get this straight.

A man who trailed in the final week by 5-7 points in all the gold standard polls, wins 1st by several points, and is not called the winner except by name.

Despite his money and organization and ground game savvy and analytic team chops, Cruz is portrayed as Huckabee or even Santorum who in later states could not compete with carpet bombing having no real organization or financing.

Cruz is not similarly situated to those men.

He won more votes than anyone in history for his side, at least.

Yet the media swallowed Rubio’s 3-2-1 argument and still does.

Color me skeptical.

Moments ago a guest on MSNBC claimed the press was primed to believe spin from Marco on his Iowa finish. If he places 2nd in NH, they will agree it’s a win. Why are they so willing to accept inevitability in advance?

They are doing all they can to help Rubio win in SC.

I always thought who won was a victory, but maybe that’s just me.

For the media to suggest expectations were beat by Rubio but not by Cruz is patently dishonest. Of course, they are not suggesting that. They are simply not mentioning the other guy at all, or the polling over performance of the winner, Cruz.

Expect tonight for the mods to gang up on Cruz, to suggest he’s unprincipled or crooked, citing Carsongate while asking the opinion of his rivals of him, to ignore similar actions by Rubio on the same and the mailer fiasco, all while the same media suggests polls showing the new 2nd placer only behind Trump is Rubio, not Cruz.

That speaks volumes…