Phyllis Schlafly openly rebukes Rubio over amnesty "betrayal" in 15 page memo...


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Schlafly, a well-known past conservative icon famous for her Eagle Forum outfit, endorsed Trump recently.

Now, she’s hitting back hard at Marco, over his flip flops on legalization, accusing the GOPe of backing Rubio as a fall back Establishment shill.

Indeed, when he ran as senator initially, he was opposed to it. Once elected, he worked with Schumer actively and in the opinion of Chuck was all-in for the concept to the point of him having his fingerprints all over it.

Jeff Sessions, a strong anti-amnesty voice, concurred in August in this piece.

A devastating piece is up at Kaus describing the challenges of trusting Rubio given his past viewed in a sequence of events not in isolation. Everyone at RedState should read his articles on this subject with a critical open mind.

Rubio has now effectively wormed his way into a position where championing mass immigration and amnesty would involve breaking what seems to be an explicit policy pledge. But anyone who has followed Rubio knows that’s exactly what he’ll do. a) He’s done it before, having opposed amnesty when seeking his Senate seat only to become its front man on arriving in Washington; b) Hedissembled when necessary to push the Gang of 8 bill, why not dissemble now? c) The GOP establishment thinks that’s exaclty what he’ll do; d) His retreat from the Gang of 8 has been grudging and weaselly, always giving as little ground as he thinks he can get away with until he discovers he has to give a little more; e) He still hasn’t repudiated the bill, let alone apologized for it; and most important, f) actually achieving an Enforcement First solution would mean standing up to the Democrats, who will demand quick legalization, and the bulk of the GOP Congressional caucus, who will be happy to settle for a fig-leaf of enforcement they can try to sell their voters (not unlike the fig leaf added to the Gang of 8 by the for-show-only Corker-Hoeven “double the border patrol” amendment). The current flash mob of GOP representatives streaming into Rubio’s camp suggests they recognize him as someone who won’t make their lives difficult — when that’s exactly what is required.

He tends to bend over backwards to please the Establishment and donor classes, and a close look at who is backing him reveals much about his future positions on amnesty. Michelle Malkin, a top conservative activist famous for Twitchy and Hot Air, exposes this here.

The question is a good one.

How long will it be until Marco switches BACK in favor of amnesty given his donors and given that his start in politics involved a campaign linchpin that opposed amnesty, which he broke, and has since tried to correct with mixed results, since he again wavered in a recent debate and on a recent Sunday talk show to some degree?

Why is he trustworthy now with the latest claim?

Voters have a right to know the full truth here when deciding between Cruz and Rubio in the primaries…