What if a man said there's a special place in Heck for men who don't support men?


MGTOW activist Roosh V.  of “alt.Right” site fame ReturnofKings.com got called out by every stripe in the political process for his proposed meet-up for men who don’t like feminists but sound a lot like them except with flipped genders.

The media basically ran them out of town. ESPN took sides in the culture war, again.

While I back free speech for both groups in theory, it’s hard not to see the hypocrisy.

We all know any male candidate doing that would be asked to resign at once. Yet HRC gets a pass, big time. Even if ALL previous presidents had been female, the outcry would be deafening and the same. Nobody would accept it on any side!

It goes to the heart of everything I detest about the left.

It should NEVER be Politically Correct to say stuff like what just happened at a Clinton campaign stop.

A former SOS campaigned on behalf of another and said there was “a special place in [email protected] for women who don’t support other women” and implied voting for her was essential. Bernie is a man, don’t ya know.

As if women are to base their vote not on the issues and the total package regarding that and are instead expected to follow the rule of the vagina. If a candidate has lady parts, women should automatically support them to make history, and all that.

If Ted Cruz was the same person but named Theodora Cruz, I would vote for her.

If she was a RINO, not so much.  You see, I vote for the person, not their race, sex, etc.

Gender is not the issue, it should be no issue in any direction at all. It neither disqualifies or qualifies. Nobody should have voted, if an African American, for Obama in either 2008 or 2012. That’s not a reason to vote for him, just as a Black candidate running for a theoretical GOP nomination should not be supported to “make history” if that means identity politics.

Yet many possibly did then, sadly.

That’s offensive.

That’s racism.

This is sexism.

Yet, HRC, MA and the audience roared with laughter, not boos. What’s wrong with these people?

Amazing the left does not see that.