Debate winners and losers, recap from NH...



Presented in order:

1) Ted Cruz.

On his game, sharp, not rattled by and did good damage control over Carsongate. He aced the drug addition question looking human and working border control into it. He looked presidential. He showed command of the issues and tried to make it look like he knew why he believed what he believed and was into constitutional theory legitimately. Imagine his SCOTUS picks! Great close about Ethanol and values.

2 C. Christie. 

He clobbered Rubio at the worst time, and those clips will or would if it was Cruz-be replayed of him repeating canned lines.

3) Bush. He got Donald on E.D. He looked a lot better overall.


1) Donald Trump.

He got booed, and did not fare well, often revealing his lack of depth and his all things to everyone since he’s great and you should know that just cuz he says so. He made a cheap shot the media will repeat to hurt Cruz, but they booed. Donald leave!

2) M. Rubio. 

He had multiple fails, mostly stemming from the early charge of repeating canned lines. Many of his answers were essentially correct, but lacking in depth. Some were aced, like his comments about Obama and mosques. His problem is looking rehearsed, and too fast delivery. When under fire, he turns sideways and makes stern faces that look angry. Best answer: Abortion.

3) Kasich. 

Too little too late. Just needs to go home.

Also present:

Carson. I want him as my family doctor, but his weird campaign against Cruz gets more hits than his website or speeches.

Dumbest question:

Women in the selective service might come to mind, other than the moderator attempts to smear folks like Cruz, which was surprisingly subdued and not so bad as I expected from them.

Dumbest was SB question to pick teams on Sunday.

Mods ignored Cruz for ages to set up the narrative he lost and that the governors won, they kept allowing Kasich and Bush and Christie to shine by just approaching them endlessly and setting them up with things that would make them look best. They ignored the Iowa winner as much as possible on purpose. Mods tried to make certain people, like Cruz, look heartless over hostages and bounties.

It is hard to suggest Cruz did as well as he did even though he did since the mods tried to ignore him almost as much as Carson. Given his surprise win in Iowa when several polls gold standard level in fact, showed him trailing by 5-7 points but he won by several over Trump.