There is no point in having a conventional media, after their reaction to the latest Trump rant...

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Today the media is back to giving Trump FREE coverage, setting up the framing and “ask a mole” notion of  “tell us what you, Marco, or whomever think of the latest bomb thrown by Donald,” etc.

Now, EACH report goes like this:

“Cruz and Trump are now in a Tweet war after Donald accused the Cruz campaign of cheating, saying that the results in Iowa are not valid and there should be a new election or the most recent results nullified.” “Then the Cruz campaign struck back with “Trumptantrum” etc.”

Are you freaking kidding me???

This is journalism???

Trump should be literally arrested for libel here and his campaign over by immediate losses in polling position or be denied the right to continue at this point.

You cannot just openly lie flat out by hurling out charges without any basis in fact (and no the mailers and the Carson dropping out which Rubio also did but they are not talking about do not qualify) when there have been no obvious reports of actual irregularities or fraud. The state is NOT coming out with statements of even slightly considering investigation of weirdness with the precinct numbers or other alarming stuff. Donald just said it, blindly, with no “there there” to merit any concern reaction!

Enough is enough.

The media is NOT reporting the MERITS here on any serious basis, acting like they are being “fair” to say “he said she said” that’s NOT what is happening here.

Trump is trying to dominate the cycle by throwing ANYTHING out as bomb throw, to not call him on it is not “objective journalism” it’s unfair abuse of Cruz. Then they will spend the week asking others to “comment on Trump’s claim”, etc.

There is NO CLAIM. Nobody is suggesting from the state government of Iowa there were any clear irregularities in play.

He won over a ground game, period.  The media knows full well no evidence exists here to act like “we are trying to be neutral” etc.

Would the media respond to Cruz doing this the same way???

The media, as per Leon’s recent article, is in a co-dependent relationship which is unhealthy and needs to be exposed.

Politics ain’t beanbag, but this is just insane. For the media to act like they are just reporting the cage match is laughable, and dangerous. So, if Trump in 3 days claims he heard someone SAY Cruz raped a girl in college, it’s a story now??