Now Erin B. and A. Cooper act in kind at CNN.

Roasting B. Plaats, both tried to find every single remote flaw in the arguments and follow ups regarding the Carson flap, not noticing similar claims over Rubio’s campaign.

Much worse, they would not even ask about the silliness of the claim of Trump to suggest fraud without any irregularities other than the “violation mailer” and the “Carson is quitting” meme.

They challenge Cruz assertions WRT to CNN itself, seemingly taking it personally enough to refute him directly and issue a statement about it, but yet they ignore the unbelievable claims of Trump about an election just certified suggesting that results should be nullified or the votes redone.

For some reason, it does not occur to them to even ask about the logic or merit of Trump’s absurd claims. He does not like the outcome, and cannot cite irregularities, and their response is to merely note the two men are fighting. No state officials are alleging anything illegal in vote tallying or other red flags, much less over the Carson flap or the mailer.