And now Blitzer is doing the same thing asking the wrong question.

No evidence exists here for a claim of voting fraud.

The media is totally irresponsible here to frame this as “what did Trump say” and trying to highlight the fight of “nastiness” instead of laughing in Trump’s face and rebuking him by ASKING “what evidence do you have to support the claim?”

You cannot just present as news his claim of baseless nonsense and act like you are a neutral reporter.

It’s not helping anyone but Rubio, unfairly, and worse, it’s journalistic malpractice outright.

Is now Trump allowed to simply totally make up sh*t about anyone anytime and then demand reversals of outcomes he does not like anytime he wants based on zero evidence?

Wow. Just wow.

You’d think they would respond by saying: “What basis or standing to sue do you have?” “Who other than you is claiming concern about voting irregularities, etc.?” It would make sense to call it a story if at least there was some reason (the Carson thing is not on that level) to suggest either a lawsuit or SOS or state action over irregularities.

If no such evidence exists, it’s just nuts to allow Trump to have free coverage to lie without any consequences.

If this were a sane world, Trump would be asked to resign at once from this race. At minimum he should be polling at 1% now.

I’m not holding my breath, though…