Left now trying to insinuate Cruz is creepy by showing video kiss of his own child?

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In the midst of his Iowa win, a video surfaced showing Cruz with his daughter,  Caroline, age 7, as being an example of active rape culture. No, really.

Folks, this is truly sad.

Now, the Young Turks brigade is making similar charges as the link to a “LGBTQ” web site.

BBC (yes that one) posted a video on YouTube.

Daily Caller has chimed in.

The narrative is he is creepy and possesses character flaws over a willingness to impose a lack of consent for intimate contact with regard to females, hence a “rape culture” tie in.

This idea is a fetish among several on the left. It suggests, among many other things that men are brought up to assume they have a license to treat women in a way that involves certain patriarchal privileges that are unspoken. It’s something several believe in honestly, believe it or not, but here it’s likely just a bludgeoning tool to define Cruz in case he wins the nomination.

You can’t make this stuff up. It’s very disappointing that certain left factions are so blinded by their dislike of Cruz that this would be turned into additional videos and other charges over an awkward moment that they want to see ominous clouds in.

It’s impossible to infer fairly anything from this video other than speculation.

Caroline is probably tired, and sick to death of all things political, travelling without choice as the child of a presidential candidate who is constantly lacking sleep and on yet another bus to another campaign stop when she would prefer to never see one ever again in her life, and had an awkward moment with her father. She probably was not in a mood to deal with Dad’s latest photo-op.

Now some of the left is trying to slow down the footage to imply he’s forcing himself on her, and that this goes to the heart of his character and respect for women. Some are actually calling him abusive in a sinister way. She was being handled by some aide and Cruz tries for a camera moment and instead she becomes agitated and he kisses her, seemingly wondering how the optics fared in a clumsy way.

Now, it’s possible some person with issues over unwanted contact could read something into this awkward set of moments, but to suggest it results from foul intentions or bespeaks of a character flaw involving disrespect for boundaries is truly unfair. Nobody can read either of their minds to divine intent or has information on the events that preceded the clumsy optic.

He’s a LEADING presidential candidate, constantly worried (and with reason, given the legs of this “story”) about how his every word or gesture will be portrayed. I know of no evidence that Heidi assumes Ted is anything less than a stellar father. I find it quite sad that Caroline will hear, now or later, really hurtful things about her father over what is likely an innocent incident.

Many on the left WANT to believe Cruz is the embodiment of some kind of hidden evil ready to be unleashed on the world.

Personally, I think the decision to involve kids in almost anything  on the trail or at political function if one is candidate is a poor one. It’s just not worth it. Although Obama even utilized his own kids to pitch the ACA and Cruz enlisted his kids to make a holiday SNL parody video that was clever in a way, the whole idea is just asking for trouble.

But this is just unbelievable. Why is this even a story? What do you have to assume about him and his supporters to make it so?

For most on the activist left, this is another tool to portray Cruz as a creepy, unlikable person who is unfit to lead outright. The real reason is they loathe the policies he espouses and realize he actually believes in those and would try to enact them, unlike someone like Trump, who is not a true believer. They fear if he won, he would fight on principle for an alien world view.

They want to see Cruz as some sort of monster, and anything that looks strange or clumsy by him is assigned nefarious intent to make their hatred of this man justifiable for “otherizing” a heretic not subscribing to their world views.

The left tries to politicize every single thing that exists, from the NFL to clumsy kisses of tired families on the campaign trail.

There is no reason, even in analyzing each frame of this video event, to assume Cruz is actually meaning to do harm or assumes he has some sort of license to enforce contact. I’m sure lots of fathers have shared some clumsy hug/kiss that could have been scripted better or even just avoided if they thought in real time that the outcome was going to be open to confusion. There is no reason to assume wrongdoing here unless you want to read into his mind by speculation alone that he’s some kind of abuser.

But aside from those who genuinely feel that boundaries are not dealt with in society properly between genders and parents and children, this viral story is mostly proof of another phenomena that goes to the heart of the divide between us and them.

To those of us on the right, this is something we don’t understand. We agree to disagree with the left, we do not attempt to totally rebuke our ideological foes in a visceral way that is not based on disagreements on policy and honest argument.

We do not assume the left is anything but wrong and misguided, but the left cannot abide by dissenting views in kind. They don’t assume the world is a more interesting place due to actual diversity, they want to enforce conformity and punishment of dissent. They often tend to actively despise those who do not agree with their entire world view. They presume such persons in opposition to that are inherently evil and despicable. e.g.”Of course they are, they do not agree with me, so they are implying everything I believe in is wrong and that means they are assuming MY side is the one who is demonic.”

Most of us on the right do not feel this way, we tend to give the benefit of the doubt to the left as human beings.

I think the media pushing this story owes their family a big apology. I don’t expect one, which in itself is incredibly depressing.