All in for Ted Cruz: America's last chance!

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If I lived in Iowa, I would be doing everything I can to push Cruz over the finish line.

I would be dragging 10 or more people to the polls with me to vote against Trump. I would make calls and volunteer free.

I’ve followed Republican politics for many decades, and I’ve never seen a better overall candidate than this. 

Ever. Reagan 2.0?

In Cruz, we have almost total consistency, which is amazingly enough, incredibly rare among politicians.

In Cruz, we have him espousing serious constitutional theories going back to well before he ever got into politics. He is the same today as years ago, which is why he’s so trusted. No wonder the phrase is Trust Ted. Indeed, voters can:

“Ted was just an amazing speaker at fourteen, by far the most impressive student we ever had,” Winston Elliott III, who became affiliated with Storey’s organization when Cruz was a student and now serves as its president, told me. “Our program is very much committed to private property, free markets, and constitutionally limited government. When it came to the Constitution, Rolland was a great believer in original intent, and so the focus was very much on what the Constitution says. We brought in a memorization expert. We wanted them to focus on the words. Ted was just an ideal student, because he just absorbed everything, and he came from a conservative family in the first place.”

Cruz arrived at Princeton in the fall of 1988, after graduating from Houston’s Second Baptist High School. He quickly became friends with David Panton, a sixteen-year-old freshman from Jamaica. They became debating partners and roommates for the rest of their college years and at Harvard Law. “Ted’s views today politically are almost identical to when I met him,” Panton told me. “There’s nothing he says today that I didn’t hear in college. It all came from his father and from the Constitutional Corroborators.”

Despite the claims that he is “unlikable” and “creepy” etc. the real issue is the GOPe is AFRAID of Cruz, because he represents a stop in business as usual, of status quo. He is not a “meanie” as MSNBC is now trying to push, he just demands that elected officials follow the law and uphold limited constitutional governing and back up their campaign claims with equal action.

He believes in making the government actually smaller, not merely talking about it superficially. He believes in non-centralized power, which is why he touts the 10th amendment so readily. He is not looking to use the Executive to become a ruler.

He will toss away his seat at the cool kid lunch table to defy them and has done so more than once, notably in the budget and debt ceiling fights, where the leadership threw him under the bus along with Mike Lee as they surrendered again to Obama. He openly defied Mitch McConnell to the point of calling him a liar on the senate floor.

He is a full spectrum conservative with a sprinkling of Libertarian impulses in mostly the right ways.

In short, he’s simply in a class all by himself, and is the most consistent and trust confidence inducing candidate for POTUS in American history.

By way of  contrast, even Rubio, who is well to the right of everyone else except Cruz, has shown at least some tendencies to side with coalition/consensus forging which is not necessarily a plus for this cycle and the times we find ourselves is.

Marco’s participation actively in the gang of 8 affair, his expression of acceptance of same sex marriage opponents needing to “follow the law” too readily, arguably, his lack of attendance on critical votes like the recent Omnibus, his MIA status in the budget shutdown fight where leadership left Cruz and Lee to twist in the wind, suggests he wants to fit in with the Establishment to curry their favor in exchange for playing ball. He did so again with the campus sexual assault legislation position. He seems to equivocate a bit too much depending upon balance sheet factors, not core values. Rubio ducked taking a stand in a kerfuffle with the NRA while generally having a credible record on guns with some exceptions. 

Again and again, Cruz takes positions that negatively impact him on principle, such as over ethanol in Iowa. Rubio took the path of least resistance on that issue comparatively. In recent debates, Rubio did not back away fully from his legalization stances but mostly just softened up his rhetoric and professed understanding that the people want border security put first.

Don’t get me wrong, if Cruz was not in this race, I and most of his supporters would be backing Rubio. If it comes to that, in a later dogfight where Rubio seems more viable, he will get my support over Trump. He’s light years above the others who have any serious chance to win. He articulates well and where he invokes his heart he gives great off cuff answers to gotcha questions. When he tries to recite his lines, he falters as when he recently answered a young person on the trail over how to get more young people engaged in the process of politics. Rubio shines when he turns questions around, such as over religion.  

He is a strong second choice, but today we have to stop Trump from steamrolling and preventing us ever having the luxury of a Cruz-Rubio dogfight with Trump trying to keep up. Given a new poll showing a tie between Cruz and Trump, and extra votes he gets can tip the results against Trump which will in turn stop the media from portraying the race as being over instantly.

If you support Ben Carson, you should understand that a his numbers in Iowa are such that he can only play spoiler unintentionally. Most of his voters some say choose Cruz as a second choice. I suggest you do so if living in Iowa to stop Trump.

Only Cruz has the operatives in each location and the ground game to pull this off in order to defeat the star power rise of Trump which apes Obama in certain ways of 2008. Then, many 18 year old first time voters showed up in droves because their friends did so, and they were perceived as the epitome of cool.

Trump has the unwarranted perception of being an outsider. Only someone with an organization to turn out past reliable caucus goers can pull off a win against such a tidal wave of low information voters who are star struck but less reliable.

Cruz is the only person that fits this bill, which is why it’s important not to split the vote among 3 persons like Carson, Rubio, and Cruz.

If we do that, Donald can be stopped because each day more and more people are seeing his liberal tendencies, talk show hosts are turning on him, and we just need more time. The worm is turning. More and more people are starting to see he is a fraud.

But we need more TIME.

If we get another debate, Cruz and Rubio will be able to concentrate their fire no holds barred on Trump. They will be able to hit him viscerally without restraint. They can cite partial birth abortion quotes, Trump University lawsuit quotes, Kelo and E.D. abuses of elderly land owner quotes,  But that debate won’t matter if Trump wins today. The media will run with the narrative that Trump cannot be stopped by anyone, including Rubio.

We will then lose the general election as I’ve shown recently. Cruz or Rubio are polling as likely winners in the fall, but that will not matter if Trump is not stopped early. He will be hard to realistically stop if he is not beaten by Cruz today.

If you care about restoring the promise of American constitutional law, you must turn out today in force to elect our next president, Ted Cruz!