7 things we learned from this historic election cycle...



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1) Talk radio “conservative” figureheads are not to be trusted. They NEVER were, just so you know.

They operate on ratings, just like the cable news guys. They wanted to make Trump their shiny new toy. Going against him from day one was not their plan by design. They dated him almost, even Rush. Expecting these guys, especially a M. Savage type to be a heartfelt authentic conservative is just naive. They are playing to their niche audience, it doesn’t mean Ann Coulter actually believes as you, a person that really has hardcore views. She’s just selling books. Like Trump, it might not even be a stretch to suggest they could operate on either side, if it was expedient enough. Even Levin is not immune to stumbling.

2) We live in  an Idiocracy. There are about as many LIV’s on OUR side as the liberals.

Don’t whine about the Greek Columns in Obama’s 2008 campaign when we have the Celebrity Apprentice in ours speaking at the 5th grade level in simplistic bumper sticker-isms like Make America Great Again. Think Hope and Change, kapish?

3) Populist Demagogues can win on both left and right (Sanders/Trump) using simple themes if cult followings spring forth either on personality or status in the entertainment realm with some luck. Perfect storms do exist, Virginia, like Santa Claus.

In 2008, tons of 18 year old NEW voters, who fed off each other and made perpetual momentum a reality because they saw their friends being cool enough to support Obama so they wanted to be in the clique, too-registered in droves to worship Obama. We saw kids praising him like another Hitler, and now we see kids and little girls in videos doing similarly for Trump.

4)  Consultants are not worth the large sums of money campaigns pay them, and they are often painfully wrong or damaging.

Does anyone remember what these clowns do? They get hired, then finger point on losses or bad mouth choices like VP slots that may have gone south, like Palin who saw McCain ops say “I always knew she was bad news” which is hardly helpful. Then geniuses from a certain campaign now running decided to shame voters into acting via a mailer that “experts” may have suggested “work” by the numbers, regardless of what one might intuitively think. Candidates need to recognize these folks are working for themselves, and they love charging gobs of money derived from campaign donations in order to sell their product.

5) Electability is a lot more hard to divine in advance than some claim. 

Among the Establishment, it’s simply them worrying their guy is not now leading the field and that is so unfair since they get their guy usually on spec and for ONCE they are not getting their way and want to make you feel unsure of “risking” the apocalypse in order to vote your principles for just this ONCE. They have no clue since it’s not a fact that the “moderate” just wins while a “Cruz” is forced to lose. In 2008, the most liberal senator in like, forever, beat the king of moderates, McCain. In 2012 a wounded duck that forced the ACA on America won with bad conditions over a moderate who shined with Independents on election day. Seems that the loss of the base offsets the gain in over-appealing to the middle, making it a wash. By contrast, Bush appealed to the base FIRST and branched out later in 2004 and won.  Worse, when real electability concerns are likely to exist, it’s not at all clear that the great unwashed masses will notice it or evaluate it right. Case in point, Trump. Many of his minions believe his numbers are totally contrary to what they’ve been both internally and top line, and proudly shout fantasy.

6) The press is liberal and the mortal enemy of freedom and honesty and if you think Cronkite is coming back, think again.

They don’t even try to hide it anymore. In fact, not only are there no MSM old timey reporters interested at least on some level in objective journalism. It’s even true that they actually try to regularly put their thumbs on the scale regularly to shape the debate terms and to actually conduct psy-ops via name mention domination. Trump has scored like a 25-1 edge in stories, making the others seem to not exist in the minds of most average persons, who are treated to additional stories analyzing every bomb throw he pitches and its possible aftermath. They pick our nominee every time by sheer penetration of viewers reached, and they formulate how arguments are presented which controls the dialogue almost by force before it even begins.

7) The GOPe Establishment is the most evil cancer of all. With friends like this, who needs ANY enemies?

Exhibit A: Terry Branstad of Iowa. He openly has stabbed in the back Cruz who is a near front runner for hard line conservatives which may help Trump win Iowa due to his Ethanol addiction. He shows up to the debate to hurt Cruz during the final debate before the caucus. Let’s not even go there over Ryan, Mitchie M. and Boehner before he was ran out of town and was replaced by another toadie who ran as VP in 2012. They cut and run when their choice does not immediately prevail, and actively back stab them, be it in a presidential primary or any race of importance, such as when they let Ken Cuccinelli go without support in a winnable Virginia race against a former Clinton stooge. They cram white flag surrenders to Obama on his tyrannical EO’s and actions to not enforce border laws or anything connected to immigration hawkishness. They yield failure theaters over popularly supported abortion bills, budgets, debt ceilings fights, etc. They abandon principled fighters like Cruz and Lee to twist in the wind while their crony McCain calls them wacko birds. They call Cruz unlikable but really just fear him, because they want their crony capitalist gravy train to keep running while they feign allegiance (or used to since now they just don’t even try to hide it like the MSM mentioned above) to conservative principles during election season only. Their biggest coup will be Trump, who may succeed in fooling the rubes once more all over again as being a true alternative to their shtick. Once he gets in, it will be deal time with both these clowns AND Pelosi/Reid/Schumer, since he was always one of them!