Sweden responds to "gaffe" by trolling Marco Rubio!

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Sweden hit back at Rubio after last night’s debate over his comments regarding Bernie Sanders.

Marco said Sanders might be running for president of Sweden, but not America. We don’t even want to be Sweden, dang it!

Now the chattering classes there are taking the bait and hasten to point out most Americans are ignorant about Scandinavia, and they think Sweden to most of you rubes in flyover country, has a PRESIDENT, when it actually has a KING.

Now, it’s true most Americans cannot pronounce Sweden in Swedish-Sverige-try it with me now! But I digress…

Now, one can only buy booze through the state owned distributor Systembolaget, on certain days and times, which is what I think the affable senator was getting at.

Roger Lundgren, editor of Sweden’s Kungliga (Royal) magazine, arguably the Scandinavian country’s leading commentator on Royal affairs, questioned whether Rubio was suitable to lead his country if he was ignorant of such a simple fact about Sweden’s constitution.
“One would expect that these guys, who want to be the most important leader in the world, if they want that job, they should be able to know certain facts – for example that some European countries are monarchies,” he complained.
“The thing with some American politicians, such as Sarah Palin, is – I don’t want to use the word stupid, but I do. They are. They are so ignorant about the rest of the world. They think there are two monarchies in the world. And that’s the UK and Monaco, because of Grace Kelly” continued Lundgren.
“They think that every country in the world who is an ally has the same constitution as them, but we don’t. It’s ridiculous you know.”
We don’t have a republic, Mr. Sarah Palin, and we want to keep the Monarchy! Shame on you uneducated conservative Republican types who have never even seen the Skeppsholmsbron on a moonlit night in January!
Rubio was, of course, digging at Sanders and his arguments of the type of ideal governance, as he like many liberals and their socialistic kin love citing the Scandinavian welfare state as being a perfect example of how it can work if only the right people are heading it and it is formulated properly, etc.
Naturally, the Sweden Democrats are gaining increasing control as liberals mugged by multiculturalism reality are rebelling from their masters or political correctness, even in the land of ABBA. The SD party resembles the GOPe of America sort of, except it’s even more leftist, with at least some willingness to discuss immigration risks.
Marco’s comments drew applause in America, which made certain Nordic snobs turn their noses up on the Surströmming.
We all knew what he meant, lighten up and see his point, which is that the age of Viking political incorrectness is long over.
We don’t want to be a welfare state though folks like Obama essentially want us to become indistinguishable from Scandinavia.
Our vision for a future America is one where we don’t ban innocuous chocolate ball names for racism, or call their newest biggest mall near Stockholm (Kista) out as racist because a recent ad had too many white people in it. After all, most people living there are not Caucasian, so diversity was not accurately portrayed!
I stand with the senator on his general sentiment, how about y’all?
I’d like to ask our good friends at Volvo a question in a manner even they can relate to:
Ursäkta mig! Hur dum är du?
Hej då!