CNN proves they are unfit for any news reporting, full stop.


Imagine if Ted Cruz felt his feelings were hurt by Megyn Kelly.

He then publicly withdraws, and decides to hold some PR benefit donation gig alongside the main event stage.

The cries of every media outlet known would be “rank manipulation by an exploiter” would be deafening.

Tell me again about how CNN would help him by live full coverage of his event to “make it fair” and to give voters a chance to not miss his message?


Obviously, they want Donald to win the nomination, then they will turn on him full force with constant loops of his “anti-woman” comments, boasts of sexual conquests and jokes about his own daughter’s looks which might drive him to incest.

Yet somehow, a billionaire who could buy time is being given free coverage over HIS decision to disrespect Iowan voters just ahead of the caucus.

CNN would NEVER in a million years REWARD Cruz for similar behavior.

And it’s worth asking why.

Of course, they see Trump as a ratings gold proposition. But if news and reporting is to have even a small bit of objectivity, these clowns would realize they owe it to the country to be fair and equal to the candidates.

Perhaps Ted should stage an event just before and demand equal time, being just behind Trump in the polls?