The beginning of the end of the Trump campaign?


For months now, Trump has defied the “experts” and has shot to the top of the polls inexplicably.

He seemed made of Teflon.

Then recently some in talk radio began to turn on him in a sense.

Then came the National Review piece, with follow up ones by Katie Pavlich for one. Glenn Beck joined in actively.

Then a previous supporter changed his views with a devastating piece.

Now Dana Loesch has endorsed Ted today on her show with an interview from the senator.

Has Trump blown it by his debate dodge over Megyn Kelly?

The fallout seems to be growing by the minute. Suddenly Fox, who courted Donald is angry over his bullying. Suddenly others are seeing this man for what he really is, a vindictive mean streak narcissist who is nothing more than schoolyard bully.


Now Fox says a campaign rep of The Donald THREATENED Kelly while recently another staffer made and had a social media quip posted and deleted referencing the ability of Hillary to sexually satisfy her husband or not!

It’s beginning to look like, Gawd willing, that Trump may finally implode.

He’s gone too far even for him.

To be sure, his supporters will not budge, but he’s toast in a general election among women, who already lean Democratic and Indie females even, with this fight against Kelly. Their margins must be kept down if a Republican is to be able to navigate wafer thin majorities in Ohio and Florida.

Perhaps Iowans, who are now being disrespected, will pay attention to what Donald thinks of them right before the vote when he skipped the final debate leading into that. Perhaps evangelicals will realize this progressive that also attacked Plaats will realize he is not one of them nor care about them or their religious freedom.

People are beginning to see the light, hopefully in time.

Cruz, not Trump, has the ground game in Iowa and supporters in the trenches to make their case up to the last minute.

Steve Deace is confident he’s going to beat Trump in the cornfields, never mind the recent polls. Ben Shapiro agreed he’s afraid to meet Cruz in the final debate.

This time it seems like he’s broken an imaginary line, tried to bully once to often, for his own good.

It’s kind of like a teenage girl dating a bad boy her mom hates. She never sees it, but one day, she wakes up and ditches him.

Now if Rubio backers would step up to the plate in Iowa and vote for Cruz, their man would have a chance for a one on one later on, but if they don’t, we may not be able to stop Trump. Even Hot Air’s Allahpundit is toying with the idea. He got the analysis wrong, it’s a good idea, even for Rubio, since he would not be destroyed by losing Iowa, and will anyway, but Cruz will and he’s the only serious thing keeping Trump from claiming the mantle of inevitability, short term.

Perhaps the worm is turning at last. We’ve been wrong before about that. But maybe this time it’s finally becoming possible?