Cruz is masterfully trying to make lemonade out of lemons following Donald dodge...


On Hannity just now, Cruz challenged Donald to a debate one on one anywhere anytime!

He did a fine job going after him, claiming to want to do a Town Hall in Iowa, or have other moderators chosen for a one on one debate. He said he knew he would refuse but he asked why is he afraid of it? He offered NO moderator, just like 90 minutes of them going at each other respectfully.

He’s trying to foster the impression of it being a one on one race now, a smart move.


He offered a moderator being Levin, Hannity, or Rush to avoid the Megyn Kelly problem.

He asked if he cannot deal with Megyn, how can he deal with Putin?

He is disrespecting the voters of Iowa.

Ted needs to blanket the state, and tell them they and their evangelicals are being taken for granted.

Even Hannity, with his man crush on Trump, is questioning his temperament for the job of president.

Get on his mail list and listen to the Levin show comments! He smartly tries to use it to solicit donations…