Trump's latest challenge to Cruz is a typical example of his methods...


We already have that story up, and people are already making errors here on our side. As much as I detest Trump, I gotta admire his [email protected]

Trump wins because he understands throwing out the mud ITSELF is almost enough, because the other side defends and the media dutifully covers all his controversial crap, for ratings.

He’s fiddle playing and trying make Cruz supporters doubt him by fear of a liberal judge taking his candidacy away at the 11th hour. It’s masterful. He does not care about birther conspiracy theorist labels as he is only doing whatever works SHORT TERM in the tactical setting he’s in, like with Iowa ethanol pandering.

Birther advocacy is banned on Redstate. In addition to not supporting it typically as argued on substance, this site is afraid of looking like kooks.

Enter Trump.

He’s guy that’s leading all the polls so much he could shoot a person and still lead, remember? And he’s the KING of all public profile on the high side birthers!

That’s one reason the angry unwashed likes him, he takes any radioactive position and throws down the gauntlet without mercy or fear. I’m not saying we should become birthers.

I am saying we have to stop being too clever by a half and underestimating this guy, or overestimating the intelligence of the typical rube. Trump does not, and that’s why in part in he’s leading! As I outline in my Open Letter to all RedState readers, he understands the game better for this cycle than others, which is why he’s winning, in addition to the press coverage, but he’s influencing that here again and he’s done so in the recent past with other bomb throws to get them to cycle it for days to keep the conversation focused on him and his latest mud sling!

He knows ANY BOMB works, because we keep taking the muddy bait.

We keep hoping he will “finally go too far” and he keeps winning.

Unfortunately, Cruz is going to have to respond hard to this and find an effective counter, or he’s in trouble. Trump’s divide and conquer strategy is effective, polling data shows many are less willing to vote for him over this outright in our base and due to fear of invalidation later by some activist judge and Trump knows that and he’s acting accordingly.

All he has to do is sling the mud, the press will talk about it for days, sucking up all the oxygen. He puts Ted on defense.

It’s classic Trump.

And it’s working, and needs to be dealt with…